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I'm an Essex-based freelance writer who has spent much of the last decade living in Australia, Hong Kong and the UAE.

My articles have been published online and in print and I come equipped with a BA in Communications and Sociology. In my previous life, I worked in various roles across the adult education, tourism, private and non-profit sectors.

If you’re looking for someone friendly and professional to write ad hoc or regular blog, article or newsletter content at an affordable rate, then please feel free to drop me a line.

email: [email protected]

As a bit of a romantic, I have also recently set-up a bespoke poetry writing service for personalised wedding and christening readings, party poems or to give as a unique gift to your favourites. If you would like something written just for you, then I can help! Click the 'link' button below to check out my 'Poem Bespoke' website ( or email me to simply ask a question. :)


Lifestyle and Family

POPSUGAR Smart Living UK
Follow These Tips to Avoid an Airbnb Debacle

Hotels and package deals are always a great choice for travel, but if you're looking for independence and a way to live like a local in New York City, Amsterdam, Paris, or the middle of nowhere in Bali, then Airbnb should be your go-to option.

Essential Baby
The science behind the soothing power of lullabies

The other day, I overheard mum bustling about my kitchen, singing the lullaby which she sang throughout my childhood. In turn, it became a big part of my own boys' baby years. It was the same lullaby which I sang to my eldest son when I was first alone with him in hospital and which made me cry in that wonderful, scary, hormonal, loved-up kinda way.

The best stay-at-home dates for sleep-deprived parents who can't go out

No babysitter? No worries. You can still keep the love alive. Are you and your partner in need of a date night without the kids but have no luck locking in a babysitter? Or perhaps you are stuck in that newborn bubble and leaving a little one isn't as easy as simply calling someone in.

The very specific struggle of being pregnant while you have to parent a toddler.

I remember waiting in line to see Santa with my eighteen-month-old son, Oliver at our local shopping centre in Newcastle. The mum in front had two little girls, close in age dressed in matching summer dresses. We started chatting and as I was five months pregnant with my second child, blindly asked, "So what's it like having two kids pretty close together?"


Happiful Magazine
5 Ways I Stayed Strong During Cancer Treatment

Being diagnosed with a serious illness is a complete game-changer. But that's what happened to me two years ago. At 37, I was chasing after my boys and packing up our ex-pat lives in the UAE, feeling too young and busy to be diagnosed with primary, and incurable, secondary breast cancer.

This mum's profound lesson from being diagnosed with incurable cancer

Deb Caine was ploughing through life, just like the rest of us, but her diagnosis has inspired her to live mindfully and passionately in the moment. As I pack away the Christmas decorations, move the kids' presents to their allocated storage areas and re-read the cards for the last time - just for a few seconds, I allow myself to wonder if that was actually my last Christmas with my husband and boys.

Travel and Culture
A wizard's guide to life in Oz: part one

Favourite spots in Australia: The Hunter Valley because it is home; Sydney for its sunny energy, harbour, beaches and quirky older suburbs; Tasmania for its countryside, cooler climate and history and the Blue Mountains for the vistas and old world charm.

Languages to Learn to Get Ahead in Business

Despite the known benefits, 75 percent of British adults can't hold a conversation outside of English. But in today's ever-growing global economy, learning another language may also significantly benefit you in business. Here's how... Why does the UK need other Languages for Business?

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