Danielle Geihsler

Freelance Copywriter

Location icon United States

My content abilities cover reviews, sales funnels, banners, LP's, and other marketing materials

What can I bring to your content needs?

I am a hard worker who is passionate about conceptualizing and writing engaging and accessible content. I excel at creating concise and accessible content. I bring creativity, innovation, fresh ideas, and the desire to engage consumers.

Take a look at my portfolio and feel free to ask me for a writing sample.

You can reach me at [email protected]


Designed Content

SalesTech for Facebook/Drushim/JobMaster
HR Facebook Ad

This is copy I wrote and conceptualized for an HR post

8200 Job Fair Brochure

Professional content describing company and jobs for a job fair brochure.

Written Content

Affiliate Site
Review for Binary Company

Review written about Binary Company (name changed for legal purposes) that was written for an affiliate site.

App Store
App Info Page

The name of the app was changed but this a copy of content I wrote for an Signals Trading App

sponsored content
Draft Kings

Written for a Freelance Job.

Malabi Dajani

Local Restaurant Review

Linkedin icon