Dominick DeJoy

Freelance Copywriter and Marketing Consultant

Location icon United States of America

Copywriter focused on profitable customer acquisition, with a special focus on residential and commercial real estate, hospitality, and information marketing.

• Freelance copywriter with agency experience
• Proven results, having driven $30 million+ in online sales to date
• Used email marketing to build a real estate management company to over $1 million in revenue in less than 3 years
• Published authority in hotel & real estate marketing, with work featured in Hotel Asset Management Magazine
• Wrote the email autoresponder for a leading marketing software platform, growing the company 14,300% in three years less

NSRE Commercial Real Estate Investments
The Facts About Your Residential Air Rights

With Brooklyn’s economic transformation, owners of property with residential zoning must decide what to do with their now-valuable residential air rights. Since owners lose potential income every day the zoning is underutilized, they benefit from familiarizing themselves with their options.

NSRE Commercial Real Estate Investments
The 5 Lies Brokers Tell You

Are you a real estate investor? Learn the 5 lies commercial brokers tell you, and how you can test if they're telling the truth.

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