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Costa De Mallorca guide - Sonneil Homes And More

Mallorca, that beguiling gem of the Mediterranean, has long been a favourite destination for European holiday-makers and second home buyers. From retirees looking for somewhere that offers a slow pace of life to twenty-something's hell bent on partying till dawn, Mallorca┬┤s appeal is universal.

Costa Del Sol guide - Sonneil Homes And More

Few places conjure up such evocative images on hearing its name as the Costa del Sol. It is the original sun, sea, and sand destination, and still remains the most popular.

Analysis & Opinion

Fair Observer
Trump, Putin and the Kremlinization of American Politics

The only interesting thing about Donald Trump's interview with Larry King on RT was the way it ended: abruptly. The American TV host had just asked the Republican presidential candidate what his "feelings" were toward Mexican immigrants, adding that he had known him a long time and wanted to get something straight on this "immigration issue" before beseeching him again with, "what do you feel?"

Fair Observer
A Lesson in Democracy From Syria

There are two visions of a stateless society emerging from the crucible of civil war in Syria-one seeks to enslave the world, the other to free it. Despite what its name suggests, the objective of the " Islamic State " (IS) is the creation of a stateless society, a global caliphate that effaces all borders and unifies humanity under a fundamentalist interpretation of Islamic law.

The Culture Wars Are About To Get Real

In the wake of the democrats defeat to Trump, the grassroots have been quick to lay the blame on the corporate wing of the party represented by Hillary Clinton and her pay-to-play Wall Street supporters.

Is Nigeria Sliding Inexorably Towards Civil War?

( Originally published in Village Magazine on 4 March 2017) Rumours of his death may be greatly exaggerated, but Nigerian presidentMuhammadu Buhari's extended "medical vacation" in London is another cause for concern in the already crisis-wracked West African country.

Current Affairs

My Europ
European Commission opens third procedure against Poland for rule-of-law violations - My Europ

The European Commission has launched a third infringement procedure against the Polish government, this time targeting a disciplinary regime recently adopted in Poland for judges, which "does not offer the necessary guarantees to protect them from political control" . Poland now has two months to respond to the Commissions charges, which could see Warsaw referred ...

My Europ
EU ends migrant maritime patrols in the Mediterranean - My Europ

The European Union is to end the maritime patrols that have saved thousands of refugees and migrants in the central Mediterranean, after the Italian populist government threatened to veto the entire operation. Operation Sophia was put in place in 2015 to rescue migrants making the treacherous journey from North Africa after some 3,771 people died ...

My Europ
Ryanair ranked as 10th most polluting company in Europe - My Europ

The Irish low-cost airline Ryanair has been ranked as the 10th most polluting company in Europe, making it the first company operating outside the coal industry to occupy so high a place on the list. According to the data from the European Commission published on Monday by the NGO Transport & Environment, the low cost ...

My Europ
Ukraine to sign association agreement with European Union

The European Union and Ukraine will formally ratify an association agreement at a summit in Kyiv tomorrow, four years after the previous Ukrainian president withdrew from the process, sparking the Euromaidan protests that overthrew the government and led to civil war in the east of the country.

My Europ
UK Conservatives reach deal with the DUP to support government

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has secured a deal with Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party that will allow the government push through its legislative agenda in the next parliament. With the help of the DUP's 10 MPs the Conservative government will have the majority it needs to win Wednesday's vote of confidence and avoid fresh elections.

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Two injured by explosion in Kiev as country celebrates Independence Day

Two people have been injured by an explosion in the Ukrainian capital as US Defence Secretary General Mattis visits the country to mark its independence day. The explosion occurred near Ukraine's government building in the centre of the city, according to police.