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Christian faith guides NU women's basketball player

The journey on which life takes a person is sometimes best told through looking at the soles of one's shoes. Some maintain their shoebox-clean essence during the duration of their use while others may become worn and tattered, creating stories that last a lifetime.

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STOVER: Ed Morrow Jr. instrumental to Huskers' basketball success

It doesn't take a basketball fan to assess how well Nebraska guards Tai Webster and Glynn Watson have played. They've been phenomenal. Webster is averaging 17.7 points, 4.8 rebounds and 4.2 assists, all of which are career highs.

Daily Nebraskan
STOVER: Make "Let Me Clear My Throat" a new football tradition

The Nebraska athletic department has struggled to keep students in the stands, and as Saturday approaches, student season tickets remain on sale. It's no surprise to me that the student tickets have not sold out, after routinely seeing the southeast part of the stadium less populated than previous years, especially after the first half.

Daily Nebraskan
STOVER: When an injured quarterback leads to glory

It's not often that you see a quarterback wearing two different shoes. One of them, an Adidas lineman cleat that his house baseball coach sold him at a discounted priced and a steel-toed kicking shoe that stocky place kickers wore back in the '50s and '60s.

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Letters from the editors: The religion of being a Cubs Fan

Dear Reader, Yesterday I partook in a holiday. I'm not talking about Easter, although I did go to church in the morning and did count my blessings. No, I celebrated opening day. Much like Jesus's resurrection from the dead, which marked the change of a growing religion, yesterday marked the end of the long wait to see a new beginning.

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Nebraska golfer honors grandfather, biggest fan and mentor, on the green

Audrey Judd didn't receive a text from her grandpa before the Westbrook Spring Invitational. Douglas Judd, Audrey's grandpa, had always been the first to console her and the first to congratulate her after a tournament with a text-a tradition which came to a screeching halt a little over two weeks ago.

Daily Nebraskan
Nebraska golfer uses music, love for life to swing success

In 2007, Apple released an animated advertisement depicting a silhouette of rapper Eminem confidently strutting to the bass of "Lose Yourself." Nebraska golfer Audrey Judd was 13 when she and her friend Nina Park saw the advertisement, and Judd was immediately intrigued.

Daily Nebraskan
Rifle team member balances humility and confidence through Olympic trials

On Monday morning, one of Nebraska's most decorated rifle team members knelt down before she entered the threshold of the shooting range for her final performance in the 2016 Olympic qualifying rounds in Fort Benning, Georgia. She thanked God for the opportunity, and she cleared her head to dial into the moment.

Daily Nebraskan
Nebraska athletic boosters become 'sixth man' for Huskers at Big Ten tournament

Since 2011, it's been hard to miss Dr. Michael Keralis and his wife Robin from the grandstands of the Big Ten women's basketball tournament. Every year, the couple drives from their home in Lincoln and makes unique player-specific posters to support members of the Nebraska women's basketball team.

Daily Nebraskan
Husker women's golfer focuses on details in sports, artwork

Haley Thiele couldn't help but be nostalgic about the mundane details of her neighbor's farm. The details resembled the sentiment of a country song, but with a distinct twist: it had a driving range and a 9-hole mini-golf course. When she stood on the driving range, peering into the immediate distance, she saw prairie grass.

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Natalie Romeo to step into leadership role next year for Huskers

INDIANAPOLIS - Trailing 66-63 with three seconds remaining, Nebraska women's basketball coach Connie Yori drew up a play for sophomore shooting guard Natalie Romeo-a situation that was all too good to be true. She made seven three-point shots on the day, which was identical to her Big Ten Tournament performance against Illinois a year ago.

Daily Nebraskan
Natalie Romeo embraces artistic side off the court

Before every game, Natalie Romeo fills the pages of her mandala coloring book with the same crayons as routinely as she makes her three point shots. She fills in the lines with the same intensity as her defensive effort and shades in the images with the same precision as the release of her jump shot.

Daily Nebraskan
STOVER: Pressure on Husker student athletes is too much

The expectations set for Husker athletic teams are beyond realistic - they're unfair. The Husker football players are treated like professionals, and the expectations set for the Husker men's basketball team were blown way out of proportion after a surprising 19-13 record and an appearance in the 2014 NCAA tournament.

Daily Nebraskan
STOVER: Stay the entire game if purchasing Husker football tickets

It's true. There really is no place like Nebraska. Driving in from the south on Interstate 180, one can't help but notice the cream cathedral - Memorial Stadium - resurrected from the dirt that Nebraska's illustrious patriarchs cultivated into a prestigious brand.

Daily Nebraskan
Larry Widman brings winning philosophy to Husker teams

When the Nebraska women's volleyball team defeated Texas to earn its fourth National Championship in December, Dr. Larry Widman couldn't help but feel pride as the culmination of his work came full circle, indirectly helping Nebraska reach its pinnacle.

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