David Lao

Freelance journalist and photographer

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I am a Toronto-based journalist and creator currently in the fourth-year of Ryerson's journalism program.

I have done previous work for the Toronto Star, Ryerson's Eyeopener newspaper, The Plaid Zebra Magazine and Canculture Magazine, the latter of which I served as the editor-in-chief from 2015-2016.

Other than reading, writing and photography, my interests lie in travel, having backpacked across South America this last summer as well as poetry and anime culture.



Choose your own adventure at The Monkey's Paw

A man sits alone at a olive-steel coloured work desk, perusing through a small leather bound book. His pose is relaxed, nonchalant, pensive, experienced and hardened by the years, but at a glance, one could tell by the look on his bright eyes that he was still as attentive and curious to the world around him as the day he was born.

Reaching for the Red Planet

A pilot glances to the window on the side of his cockpit and stares at the seamless horizon in the distance. He closes his eyes and imagines himself rising higher and higher in the air, climbing past the soaring eagles, and the star straddled clouds.

SIGNS Restaurant: for the deaf community and beyond

A young woman sits at a table and raises her right hand up to her head, bends her thumb inwards towards her palm, but keeps her other fingers straight. Her motions looked peculiarly robotic yet fluid at the same time, as if the movements were second nature to her.

Buskers of Toronto: Andrei Denga

Huddled in thick clothing, Torontonians hurriedly rush into the city's subway system to avoid the sharp, biting winds of the wintry cold. Underneath the bustling streets of the city, commuters find refuge in whatever semblance of heat emanates from the dark underground.

The Toronto Fiddle Collective: where fiddlers flock

They each had their fiddles in hand, sitting down to form a crescent-like half-circle. All of them were ready, waiting for a chance to straddle their board with their fingers, their bows reserved at their sides.

Artist Spotlight: Purity Ring

Canadian electronic music duo Purity Ring has released three singles from their much-anticipated upcoming second album, Another Eternity, due out March 3. The band is known for their unique sound, as well as their tantalizing visual performances.

The Eyeopener

The Eyeopener
From the DMZ to South Africa

Photo courtesy of Moroka Mokgoko By David Lao Moroka Mokgoko's entrepreneurial skills began at a young age, selling pop and cake at his boarding school in South Africa. As he moved on to high school he sold SIM cards to foreign students, as well as protection services due to the rampant bullying problems in his school.

The Eyeopener
The boys with the heart of gold

HelpWear co-founders Andre Bertram, left, and Frank Nguyen. PHOTO: DAVID LAO By David Lao High school student Frank Nguyen had ideas about creating a system to easily monitor health, attributing it to his mother who had a slew of health issues and heart problems. Today, those ideas are beginning to take shape for the Grade 12 student studying at Danforth Collegiate with the invention of the HeartWatch health monitor, a wearable device that allows a person to gather and store data on their...

The Eyeopener
Queer Histories week wraps up with critique of pop-culture

Photo: Annie Arnone By David Lao Queer Histories Month programming on campus came to an end with the Queer Representation in Pop Culture discussion on Jan. 22, an event aimed to raise awareness about the misrepresentation and tropes aimed towards Queer peoples in mainstream culture.

The Eyeopener
Entrepreneurship: A summer job

Photo: Rob Foreman By David Lao A summer program is set to launch for Ryerson students who want to start their own business and earn money at the same time. Basecamp is a program that welcomes students with an idea to start working on their business with a team.

The Eyeopener
Ryerson Retro: The Battle for Gould Street

Photo: Dylan Freeman-Grist By David Lao From the greasy smell rippling through the air beside the campus bookstore on Victoria to the hipster dominated corner of Bond, cars used to pile along the curb of Gould Street from morning until afternoon.

The Eyeopener
Tweed Makes The Green

Illustration: Steve Armstrong By David Lao Revenue for Tweed Marijuana Inc., reached its all-time high. Tweed, a medical marijuana company based in Canada released its fourth quarter results. The company has previously worked alongside a team of researchers from both Ryerson and University of Ottawa.

The Eyeopener
Ryerson's got the power

Ryerson President Sheldon Levy, right, at the Schneider Electric Smart Grid lab grand opening on March 4. Photo Courtesy Matt Kerry By David Lao A new Ryerson lab aims to study the distribution of power and conserve along the way. The Schneider Electric Smart Grid (SESG) lab was unveiled March 4 at Ryerson's Centre for Urban Energy (CUE).

The Eyeopener
SoapBox gets a makeover

Photo: Farnia Fekri By David Lao SoapBox has given its anonymous idea-sharing platform a complete makeover, remodelling the entire software from scratch. The new program went online for Ryerson students to use on Feb. 3. "It has been redesigned with a completely different infrastructure.

The Eyeopener
Xstream streaming

PESA Live lets viewers see every angle of the game. Photo: Sierra Bein By David Lao There's a new angle on live streaming - actually, there are four. A recently developed app allows users to choose which angle to watch live streaming sport games, concerts and events.

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