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Marketing expert specializing in building your authority, influence, and audience via broadcast, podcast, and online media.

How To Start A Daily Podcast | Big Podcast Bulletin

My podcast about podcasting, Build A Big Podcast has short and to-the-point marketing advice for podcasters on how you can grow your podcast, better connect with your audience, and make impact with your message. For the first eight months, I published a new episode daily.

Here's The Problem With Podcast Advertising... | Big Podcast Bulletin

Thought you could get away with a lame ad read for something you've never used? Emily Fleming 's not buying it... And nobody who hears you read generic, company-provided talking points in your podcast advertising is buying what you're selling either... Podcast advertisers bring this upon themselves.

Rejection Proof Your Podcast | Big Podcast Bulletin

Dan Misener of Pacific Content recently published some interesting statistics on podcasting. 12% of podcasts have only published a single episode 6% haven't made it past two episodes Half of all podcasts have 14 or fewer episodes How are you going to get good at podcasting and get clear on your message without actually podcasting?

Podcast Intros - A 3-Part Formula | Big Podcast Bulletin

While music in your intro sets the mood for your podcast, the copy you use for your intro and how you announce who you are enforces it. Your podcast intro should answer three questions: Who are you and who is your podcast for? What are you talking about? Why should somebody listen?

5 Podcast Marketing Lessons From A Baptist Church | Big Podcast Bulletin

It's a common marketing tactic for companies and organizations to reach out to those who have recently been through life-changing events, such as divorce, bankruptcy, or buying a house. If you're ever in a car accident, for example, you may be contacted by attorneys who can't legally solicit clients directly, but can offer you a "complimentary police accident report."

How To Better Connect With Your Podcast Listeners | Big Podcast Bulletin

Jeff Sanders of The 5 AM Miracle Podcast asked a very good question regarding a common podcasting issue on the Nashville Podcasters Facebook page: If you're serious about podcasting and have a frequent release schedule, there will come a point when it's time to record and you don't feel well.

How To Get Your Podcast On The Radio | Big Podcast Bulletin

I've had lots of people ask me how I got my podcast on broadcast radio, so here's the story. In the Spring of 2005. I set up a meeting at the most popular radio station in the city, which broadcasted from a 30-story office building that looked over downtown Nashville.

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