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The Ultimate Reconciliation


Why Developers Are Flocking to Amazon's Alexa

Image: Amazon One of the best things about the internet is the sense of community that exists around your niche interests. Hobbies and fandoms are uniting forces, bringing...

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Nitro Explosion


Why US Greco Roman Wrestling Turned to an 'Audio Brain Stimulation' App

The United States Olympic Wrestling Team deserves some time to chill. Just look at what it's been through. Three years ago, there was a brief period where it looked like this...

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A Class Act

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50 Years of Funk

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Vinyl's Back, But Vinyl Presses Are Scarce

It's not a secret that for the last several years, vinyl record sales have been trending upward - with sales in 2016 reaching their highest point since 1988. Estimates vary a...


How One Visual Search Startup Plans to One-Up TinEye

Clarifai's UI. Image: Clarifai When you have a photo and want to find a higher resolution copy online, you can use tools like Google Image Search and TinEye. They work in a very...


The Three Goals of WWE's UK Championship Tournament

This past weekend's WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament events that aired live on WWE Network from Blackpool, England, had a few goals, some more obvious than others....

Death and Taxes

Donald Trump's corporate romance with WWE

At various times throughout Donald Trump's presidential campaign, we have heard his theatrics compared to that of professional wrestling. It's not a first for politics, but with...

Figure Four Weekly #1013

WWE 2K15 Review & Franchise History

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EXCLUSIVE: Court Records Reveal Tommy Morrison Boxed While HIV Positive For 7 Years

According to court records that LawNewz dug up, it turns out not only was Morrison actually diagnosed as HIV positive seven years before the revelation of his status cancelled a...

Death and Taxes

LISTEN: Audio of Hulk Hogan's N-word rant

In the months after The National Enquirer broke the story that one of two Hulk Hogan/Heather Clem sex tapes not sent to Gawker revealed the Hulkster going on a bizarre, racist...

Death and Taxes

BET Awards needed special permission from judge for Prince tribute

This past weekend, the annual BET Awards were highlighted by an all-star tribute to the recently departed Prince, featuring Sheila E., Janelle Monáe, Wonder and Tori Kelly,...


New Study Connects Media Coverage to Rise In Mass Shootings

It's not a secret that there's a mass shooting problem in the United States, but trying to find a way to fix it is where it always gets... contentious, to say the least.

Death and Taxes

TMZ founder calls Hulk Hogan sex tape 'invasive,' forgets he paid for it

On Thursday, Harvey Levin, the founder of TMZ, was one of many guests at Code Conference, which is Recode's "invitation-only event where top industry influencers gather for...


Are Hulk Hogan And Peter Thiel Now Trying To Get All 'Defamatory' Gawker Articles Deleted?

The conversation around the Hulk Hogan vs. Gawker Media lawsuit's impact on the media is about to get a lot deeper, as it appears that a team of creditors is attempting to get...

Death and Taxes

Hulk Hogan's car was almost blown up by coast guardsmen the week of the sex tape

Last Friday, in between the closing arguments and verdict in the Hulk Hogan vs. Gawker Media civil trial, the 2nd District Court of Appeals in Florida released nearly 2,000...


Why Former Pro Wrestlers Are Now Suing the WWE Over Alleged Brain Injuries

Over 50 different pro wrestlers, some retired, and some still active outside of WWE. For space reasons, we won't include the full list here, but you can read it on PasteBin.