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The Great Wight Hope

Note: All quotations are either from original interviews or from deposition testimony in SoBe Entertainment International, LLC v. Paul Wight, Bess Wight, and World Wrestling...


Without the VCR There Would Be No YouTube - MEL Magazine

With the VCR being discontinued this year, what happens to the tape collectors who have populated the internet? While you may not know Japanese manufacturer Funai Electric by...


Slacker Made Internet Radio Portable Before Mobile Data Could

Slacker figured out how to make internet radio portable. Unfortunately, they did it as the first iPhone was about to drop.


Ex-WWEer On Announcer JBL's Bullying: "This Stuff Is Encouraged"

When former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts started writing his new book, Best Seat in the House, he had no idea what part of his autobiography would end up getting attention...


The Next Trick for IBM's Watson? Composing Music

More than anything else, IBM's Watson supercomputer is probably best known for one thing: Appearing on Jeopardy!, the legendary TV game show, in 2011. With an internet...


Impact Wrestling Ruins Everything: Losses Lead to Journalist Layoffs

Thirteen months ago, one story had the hardcore wrestling fan community rapt for several weeks: The seemingly impending demise of Impact Wrestling, formerly known as Total...


Vince Russo, One Of Pro Wrestling's Biggest Bullshit Artists, Is Back Where He Started

Hard as it may be for long-time fans to believe, this month marks 25 years since Vince Russo first emerged as a presence in pro wrestling. All these years later, the former WWE,...


Keith Lee, Wrestling's Out Of Nowhere Star, Wants You To Bask In His Glory

There are a few different ways to experience WrestleMania these days. The most basic distinction to make is between is watching at home versus taking a trip to the host city....


People Watching at the Galaxy S8 Event Was More Fun Than Playing With the Phones

On Wednesday morning, I trekked from my apartment in Brooklyn to Lincoln Center for Samsung's Galaxy S8 launch event at David Geffen Hall. The opulent concert hall was packed...


Katsuyori Shibata Is Just The Latest Japanese Wrestling Star To Suffer A Serious Head Injury

Throughout its entire existence, the pseudo-sport of pro wrestling's presence as a subgenre in Japan has been consistently defined by how much harder-hitting it is there than it...


Jimmy Snuka's Lies And A Murderer's Legacy

If you keep up with pop culture and sports news, then you may have seen that professional wrestling legend "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka passed away last week. Unless you found out by...


FBI Records Show Vince McMahon's Dad Caught On Tape Bragging About Threatening A Wrestler

It's officially WrestleMania week, the biggest of the year in professional wrestling. The major events really get going on Friday night with the annual WWE Hall of Fame...

MEL Magazine

The Funniest FCC Complaints About Logo TV

Logo TV, part of the the MTV family of networks, was launched as a home for LGBT-centric programming. While much of the programming day is not as, well, gay as it used to be,...


People Are Binging 'The West Wing' to Cope with the Trump Presidency - Motherboard

In times of crisis, everyone needs an escape-and that often that involves seeking out entertainment. For some people, a 'Law and Order' marathon might do the trick, as bleak as...


The last wrestling hotline still worth calling

If you were a fan of WCW, there's a phone number likely burned into your memory: 1 (900) 909-9900. For a price, usually something like $1.99 for the first minute and 99 cents...

Fighting Spirit Magazine

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Training Ground with Ricky Steamboat (FSM 122; Aug 2015)

FSM: What are some good ways for wrestlers to become more expressive with their selling?Ricky Steamboat: When I went to the WWF [to coach] around 2005, I taught Rey Mysterio a...