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David Keeps

Host reel for Ovation TV's Art & The City, World of Wonder Productions, edited by Ramsey Denison

Travel + Leisure

Travel + Leisure, 2008

Driving Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Sprawled out like a running squirrel-its hindquarters linked to Minnesota and Wisconsin, its head reaching eastward into Ontario, Canada-Michigan's Upper Peninsula was the...

Travel + Leisure, Oct. 2012

T+L's Definitive Guide to Los Angeles

Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and West Hollywood still draw shoppers and sightseers, but a new generation of talented young transplants has helped transform Hollywood and...

Travel + Leisure, 2006

Vancouver Rising

The Friday-night crowd jockeying for cocktails and microbrews at the illuminated marble bar of Lift, a swank Vancouver waterfront grill, looks like any well-heeled cosmopolitan...

Travel + Leisure


Travel + Leisure, 2003

A Drive Down Mexico's Pacific Coast

There is only one word you need to know when you are driving in Mexico: tope. That's Spanish for "speed bump." Topes pop up on big-city streets and on roads into and out of even...

Travel + Leisure, Dec. 2011

Palm Springs and the High Desert

This is a tale of two deserts: one as glittering and artificial as a futuristic theme park, the other as spare and elemental as boulders and cactus. It's roughly a 32-mile...

Travel + Leisure, 2005

Palm Springs' New Parker Meridien

Designer Jonathan Adler, whose dotty ceramics and mod pillows launched a hip home-décor brand, has always favored Palm Springs for a little R&R. In his case, that means research...

Travel + Leisure, 2006

Go on a Retreat

Until a year ago, the words yoga retreat elicited from me a disdainful cause-and-effect reaction-you say hatha, I say, "See ya!"-rather than any feeling of anticipation or...

Travel+ Leisure, 2006

Tips from Hotel Design Stars

Tony Chi Principal, Tonychi and Associates, New York Adept at setting a scene with backlighting and textured fabrics, Tony Chi (MObar and Asiate at the Mandarin Oriental, New...

Travel + Leisure, 2003

Road Trip Across Michigan

Ask a Michigan native where he's from and he'll usually show you the palm of his right hand. Having grown up on the Lower Peninsula, the part of the state that looks like a...

Travel + Leisure, 2005

Evaluating the 'Do Not Disturb!' Sign

I was waiting...and waiting...for Jennifer Lopez in a suite she'd reserved at the Beverly Hills Hotel when I got a call from one of her people, telling me that the interview was...

Travel + Leisure, 2004

Mérida's Moment

Church bells are pealing as I enter the Plaza Grande, Mérida's main square, which is bordered by 16th-century Spanish colonial buildings and the oldest cathedral in the...

Travel + Leisure, Sept. 2012

The Stylish Beaches of Tulum, Mexico

Tall and tan and young and lovely, the girl in the red bikini and cork sandals steps through a craggy passage in the walls surrounding the 1,000-year-old ruins of Tulum. She...


Financial Times of London, Feb. 2013

A long weekend in... Los Angeles

Endlessly envied for its ideal weather and downright derided for its plastic-pretty, pampered populace, Los Angeles is, nonetheless, the US's most successful company town. Its...


Hemispheres, Jan. 2014

| Three Perfect Days: Los Angeles

Three Perfect Days: Los Angeles Although it's known for its sunshine, celebrities and laid-back attitude, L.A. offers a lot more variety for anyone willing to do more than just...