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Album Reviews

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Kasabian - For Crying Out Loud

Kasabian's desperately poor 6th album suggests that the band's well of inspiration appears to have ran dry some time ago.

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Alex Kresovich - Gold N' Fly

In the year of GoldenEye 007's 20th anniversary, Alex Kresovich's rap-flavoured assault on its soundtrack remains as bizarre and charming as it did in 2010.

The Ad-Lib Lab
Injury Reserve - Floss

Injury Reserve bait a wider audience with their stellar sophomore release.

Strathclyde Telegraph
Busted - Night Driver

Busted's long-awaited comeback marks a change in musical direction, but not necessarily a downturn in appeal.

Strathclyde Telegraph
Danny Brown - Atrocity Exhibition

Danny Brown's third full-length release is the darkest catalogue of his self-destructive lifestyle he's created thus far - it may also be his best.

Strathclyde Telegraph
Twin Atlantic - GLA

On their ruinous fourth release, Twin Atlantic dare you to question if 'Vivarium' and 'Free' were actually just happy accidents.

Strathclyde Telegraph
Roosevelt - S/T

Roosevelt's eponymous debut full-length is a summery tour through the anthologies of dance music.

Live Reviews

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Drake at The SSE Hydro, 23/03/17

The biggest male artist on the planet brings his appropiately bombastic live show to the Hydro.

Strathclyde Telegraph
Death Grips at SWG3, 14/10/16

Death Grips brought their trademark sensory assault to Glasgow's SWG3 TV Studio.

Columns & Features

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Chris McQueer Interview

In the week of the release of his debut collection of short stories, Springboig-born writer Chris McQueer spoke to The Strathclyde Telegraph.

Strathclyde Telegraph
Nobody Likes Spotify

That infamous Kanye heckler should have directed his ire at Spotify rather than TIDAL.

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