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My name is Danielle Selinger and I am an accomplished writer and editor with comprehensive experience developing and finalizing documents supporting U.S. Government initiatives. I have extensive experience researching advanced subjects concerning national security and the U.S. Military efforts in the Middle East and North Africa. I am also experienced in developing and implementing strategic communication efforts and media outreach initiatives. Below, I have included several of my Public Communication Master's assignments and stories from when I worked as a Reporter. Thanks for visiting my portfolio!


Ideal Innovations, Inc. (I3) 2013 Marketing Material

Master of Arts, Public Communication Program, American University: Selected Assignments

COMM 642.001W: Public Communication Management
Request for Proposal: Professional Consulting Services to Create a Communications Campaign for...

RFP/PR Proposal Process Assignment: Each student (individually) will prepare an RFP for a public communication campaign. After reviewing the RFPs, two will be chosen for the campaign proposal response. This response will be a group response and involves both an oral presentation and a written plan. Each group will “compete” for the business within the class. All groups will also provide a written work plan for the campaign. Finally, on an individual basis, students will prepare an analysis of...

COMM 696W: Strategic Advocacy Communication
Our Kids Are Worth It! Fighting to Increase Funding and Improve Health Education in America

Campaign Communication Plan for Pet Cause Final Paper: Ten to twelve page advocacy communication plan for your policy group (pet cause). The communications activities must tie into each area of the campaign plan including field (grassroots) work (this includes online campaign, grassroots, events, etc) legislative work (this includes who will write the legislation, who will be your congressional champions and what the campaign will do to get enacted) and litigation (who will you sue to make a...

COMM 541W: Crisis Communication
Ideal Innovations, Inc. Organizational Crisis Plan

In lieu of a final exam, you will develop a crisis plan for an organization of your choosing (following consultation with the professor). Be prepared to present your plan to class during the final day of the course, and to discuss your decision-making and priorities. Use the crisis communication plan models from the Fearn-Banks text, course readings, and other class discussion examples. The plan must be original – you may not use any part of an existing plan. (If your current organization...

The Dominion Post - Daily Newspaper, Morgantown, WV: Published Articles

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