Dani Motze

written for Entech Engineering, Inc.
The Value of Adaptive Reuse

Adapting your historic buildings for reuse can increase your campus’ energy efficiency and sustainability, ultimately saving you costs, and, demonstrate that you care about your community and environment - something Millennials and Gen Z-ers are known to look for in their institutions.

District 1 | City of Reading, Pennsylvania

Lucine founded Gayatri Wellness in 2013 to promote sustainable living practices of social, economic, and environmental wellbeing for all community members of Berks County, PA and has been working towards that goal since.

Keystone Edge
Eating your way around the world, within the Reading city limits

In 2010, Reading had a Latino population of 58 percent, up from 37 percent in 2000 (U.S. Census). So i t's no surprise that the city is rife with wonderful international eateries, even if they often don't make the "Best Places to Eat in Reading" lists that focus on fine dining or restaurants outside Reading proper.

Here In My City
Community Memory | Here In My City

I tried to figure out how it happens that someone like Ed goes so dramatically from community darling featured in the major local newspaper for his community work, to someone perhaps feared but tolerated, to someone on the fringes shouting in, criticizing new projects of which he’s no longer a part, perhaps feeling unable to do anything but to make noise on Facebook and –I think worst of all – feeling irrelevant, forgotten.

Reading Magazine
A City Rebuilt with Acceptance

“I think gays are going to change the country! The queer community is going to be an example for the rest of us,” said Natan, Director of the Reading Pride Celebration’s new #ThisIsUs social media campaign.