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Danielle Papilon

Full-time student

Location icon United States of America

I'm a 20-year-old double major in psychology and journalism at Towson University. I plan on pursuing a doctorate of clinical psychology after my graduation in 2018. I would love to work with multimedia journalism while I continue my graduate studies. Vice would be my ideal choice of employer. Their creative editorial style is similar to mine, and I really like the off-beat reporting styles they utilize.

My skills and hobbies include proficient experience in photography, film, copy editing and writing. I have spent many years mastering editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Illustrator, and Final Cut Pro. More recently, I've had practice with HTML/CSS and Adobe Dreamweaver.

I spent two years as the Chief Copy, Design, and Photography editor for my high school. My knowledge of these programs along with my experience give me the ability to produce a soundly and beautifully created product, as well as give me a leg-up on other candidate who may not have this much hands-on training.

You can find my website here:

Reach me through email at: [email protected]


Find information regarding my work experience, skills, and academic studies here. Updated as of May 2017.

Digital Publishing

Pepsi - Gone too Far?

At the beginning of this month, Kendall Jenner starred in a Pepsi ad that portrayed protest in an unrealistic, lighthearted manner. In a blog post, by Dr. Pamela Rutledge, key observations are made regarding Pepsi's decision to publish this ad and why it backfired. In the past, Pepsi has taken advantage of celebrity personality to...

Sesame Street Takes a Step to Normalize Autism

Sesame Street, a classic children's educational television show, is making waves in the media this week due to its new and only autistic character. Ari Ne'eman, co-founder of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, doesn't allow his Asperger's syndrome diagnosis to impede his way of life. He advocates that a search for a "cure" be stopped,...

Trump & the Breakdown of the American Psyche

The 2016 Presidential Election was a shock to America. Since then, it seems that something has shifted among the population and reality is altered. The anxiety and uncertainty that many Americans are facing is unprecedented. You can't go a day in this country without hearing a multitude of reports about or relating to President Trump,...


The Importance of Creating Inclusive Platforms

Strvnge Encounters, co-founded by Towson Alumni Salsabeel Abdelhamid and Aayesha Aijaz, is an original creative platform focused on providing a space for individuals who feel out of place. "We always thought that we needed an outlet to express ourselves fully, and we knew that we wanted to start something," Abdelhamid explained.

Psychological Bias in the Forensic Sciences

On Wednesday, March 1, Dr. Jeff Kukucka presented a multicultural workshop on racial and cognitive bias present in the forensic sciences at Towson University. The presentation was one of many managed by Dr. Danice Brown as a part of her Multiculturalism in Action Brown Bag Series.

True Life: Drug Dealer

It was an unusually warm evening for November. I remember because I was standing on the side of the road - wearing capris, a t-shirt, and metal cuffs around my wrists - as I watched my girlfriend be shoved into a police car. What seemed like hours (more like 15 minutes) later, I was in...

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