Danielle Orleans


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My name is Danielle Orleans. I'd like to think of myself as a journalist. I can gracefully ramble quite a bit on an abundance of different topics. Entertaining, advising and stimulating all at once. My writing is not just for me, but for others to see a whole new perspective on themselves and the world we live in.

Looking at Everything

Sometimes I wake up heavylike the feeling when first getting out of bedbut it wasn't a tiresome feelingit was something i felt when I knew I was becoming lost to someoneor depreciating in importance or value to them I felt the strings of our hearts and the caress of hands slowly departand it made my insides churn with sorrow the kind of sorrow that breaks even the strongest of minds

Loving Myself

It's been a journey. A treacherous one actually, to be able to say that I love myself, as should many people. Sadly in this generation filled with expectations of perfection and striving for nothing less, there are rare amounts of people I've seen with such self love.


Sometimes I feel myself Getting lost and out of touch From myself and the world And I sometimes wonder where I go Where my mind and soul goes To come back to my body I feel myself weaken Emotionally and physically And I have to wait it out Let myself

Against the Gradient

I have a love for a multitude of books and their creators. I have infinite tenderness when pondering through the manifestation that is their thoughts. Their hearts. Their entire being. Their souls being poured out onto the pages seamlessly. All making up who they are as individuals.

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