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Known especially for my time with After Ellen (contributor), The Gaily Grind (staff writer), Gay Vegas (editor) and RTP (reporter/producer). Member of GALECA: The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics.

My work has also appeared in @HuffingtonPostCanada, @DailyXtra, @theBUZZ, @OutFrontCO, @soflagaynews, @WindyCityTimes, @gaycalgary, @WatermarkOnline, @HornetStories, @Into, @NBCOUT, @VICE, @Slate and @TeenVogue.

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Lisbon, Portugal (currently) / Toronto, Canada (hometown)



Out actress Mandahla Rose on her starring role in the lesbian road trip romp "All About E"

Since we told you about All About E a few months back, the hype around the film has just continued to grow. The movie focuses on E (played by out actress Mandahla Rose), a...


Partners Catherine Corsini and Elisabeth Perez discuss their must-see lesbian movie "Summertime"

Less than two weeks ago I told you about a new lesbian movie that's stealing our hearts here at AfterEllen-the French film Summertime ( La Belle Saison). The movie is about...


"Kyss Mig" writer/director on her new queer film "Girls Lost"

Writer/director Alexandra-Therese Keining forever carved out a place in our hearts with her 2011 release, Kiss Me ( Kyss Mig). If, like me, you were anxiously waiting to see...


"Stories of Our Lives" shares the unheard stories of being queer in Kenya

Stories of Our Lives is a Kenyan film comprised of five shorts based off the true stories of LGBTQ Kenyans. Although successfully making the film circuit rounds, the movie has,...


“BFFs” follows two friends who discover some new feelings

Two seemingly straight best friends with relationship issues hit up a couples retreat for the weekend and, of course, pretend to be lovers. But Kat ( Tara Karsian) and Samantha...


"Portrait of a Serial Monogamist" is "High Fidelity" for lesbians

If you haven't yet, you'll definitely come to know a lesbian or two (or six) who is perpetually in a relationship. One ends and another one starts. Maybe you are that lesbian....


William Sullivan on his lesbian-inclusive improvised rom-com "That's Not Us"

That's Not Us is a different movie experience. This romantic comedy that follows three couples (one lesbian, one gay and one straight) over the course of a weekend getaway is...


"The Amina Profile" delves into the surprising story behind "A Gay Girl in Damascus"

Think back to the summer of 2011 and to a little blog called A Gay Girl in Damascus. Do you recall the reported kidnapping of lesbian blogger Amina Arraf? Well, we certainly...


Writer/director Maureen Bradley on her queer poly pregnancy story, "Two 4 One"

You have a one-night stand with your ex and you both get pregnant. Not your typical lesbian problem, but Two 4 One is not your typical romantic comedy. Two 4 One tells the story...

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"A Road to Home" is the film about homeless LGBTQ youth that we needed

The stats might be nothing new to you: 40 percent of homeless youth identify as being LGBTQ. But having spent some time with these youth, I know that numbers are just numbers...


Filipino lesbian film "Ned's Project" is all kinds of problematic

How to tell when a lesbian-themed film really wasn't made for a lesbian audience: its leading lesbian does something super un-lesbian-like and it's not even questioned. The...


A lesbian filmmaker highlights South Korean queer life in "Troublers"

It's 2016, and more people are out in South Korea than ever before, yet discrimination against LGBTQ people seems to be a growing trend in the country. "Collective violence...


"Fight Valley" is an MMA B-movie with a lesbian subplot

Are you a fan of B-movies and/or MMA? If your answer is "no" to both of those, chances are you're not going to like Fight Valley. But if you enjoy either of them and have...


"Blindsided" tells the story of a lesbian living with Usher Syndrome

When director Lisa Olivieri met Patricia Livingstone, the subject of her would-be documentary Blindsided, in the mid-90s, she could not have imagined that she would still be...


"Add the Words" documents Idaho's fight for LGBT protections

If 81 percent of your state's population reported believing it's wrong to fire individuals based on their sexual orientation or gender identity, you would think legislators...


"Gayby Baby" highlights children of gay moms and dads

I've got a lot of affection for Australians, but the one thing I don't appreciate is the slow progress Aussie politicians have made on the matters of legalizing same-sex...


An artist and a sex worker fall for each other in "ToY"

Despite its playful name, ToY is not the lesbian version of Pretty Woman. There are, however, some similarities-namely two attractive leads, an age difference and, oh yeah, a...


Fantasy and drama meet in "Ava's Impossible Things"

Lovers of Marina Rice Bader films: she's back. Her latest is the fantasy drama Ava's Impossible Things -yet another female-centric tour de force. And yes, there is, of course, a...


A lesbian couple gets married in a haunted house in "Brides to Be"

Lesbian themed horror films seem to be all the rage in 2015-2016. From international thrillers like Sweden's Alena to the recent Hollywood release The Neon Demon to the indie...