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Known especially for my time with After Ellen (contributor), The Gaily Grind (staff writer), Gay Vegas (editor) and RTP (reporter/producer). Member of GALECA: The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics.

My work has also appeared in @HuffingtonPostCanada, @DailyXtra, @theBUZZ, @OutFrontCO, @soflagaynews, @WindyCityTimes, @gaycalgary, @WatermarkOnline, @HornetStories, @Into, @NBCOUT, @VICE, @Slate and @TeenVogue.

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What it's like to be a Queer Woman at a Gay Christian Conference
This is a safe space, right? We can talk about anything, as long as it relates to queer women? So when I tell you I'm a queer Christian, you won't rule me out as a serious...
Marriage Equality In Canada: 10 Years Later
"All hell is going to break loose," "I think it will...literally cause the destruction of our country," "This could split the country right in two," "A disastrous ending." What...
Raising the roof on queer youth homelessness in Toronto
The stories of five youth who have experienced homelessness highlight the need for a dedicated LGBT shelter in Toronto
Reimagining Toronto's Regent Park
The area's revitalization is bringing sweeping change to the city's black-sheep neighbourhood - and that change includes Toronto's queer community
The changing face of Toronto's Village
Will Toronto's gay neighbourhood live to see another day?
Off the wall
Are posters a form of community expression or a nuisance to be stripped away?
Savoy Howe has taken boxing to new levels & new communities
Doing it for themselves
The evolution of lesbian parties in a changing city
Canada Income Inequality: Toronto's Cabbagetown A Prime Example Of Shrinking Middle Class

Sports Stories

Stephanie Wheeler promotes inclusiveness in sports
If Canada's loss in the women's wheelchair basketball final to the United States during these past Parapan Am Games still stings, here's one bright spot - Stephanie Wheeler, the...
Trans athlete added to Canadian women's dodgeball team
"Savannah's got a badass throw!" an observer exclaims as a ball comes whipping through the air. The impact against the wall is even louder. Savannah Burton does have a badass...
Gay Olympians honoured at 2015 Bonham Centre Awards Gala
The Bonham Centre and the Canadian Olympic Committee host this year's Bonham Centre Awards Gala and Summit, with partners You Can Play and Egale. Established in 2007, the awards...
The 519 proposes LGBT sports and recreation centre
The 519 plans to build the centre over 9.3 hectares of land in Toronto's new West Don Lands community
Toronto FC teams up with You Can Play
'We're obviously very proud of our Toronto connection': Patrick Burke
The puck drops at Church and Carlton
Gay teams take to the ice at former Maple Leaf Gardens
Escobar back on home field
Disgraced player meets with Patrick Burke and gay long-distance runner ahead of Sept 27 game
Homophobic stunt disappointing: Burke
Toronto Blue Jays player apologizes, says 'I have friends who are gay'

Television Recaps/Reviews

"Degrassi: Next Class" fails queer women with misguided Zoe and Grace storyline
Whatever it takes, I know I can make it through this review. Welcome to Degrassi: Next Class, the latest reincarnation of your favorite Canadian show that never ends (you can...
"Degrassi: Don't Look Back" features a prominent lesbian storyline
By the good gay gods! It finally feels like summer in Canada now that I've watched this year's Degrassi movie offering, Don't Look Back. And while I can understand why many of...
"I Kissed a Girl" is a charming doc series about first kisses
Most of us have (or will have) a first kiss story. I mean with a woman, though perhaps it's one and the same for you. Maybe you were 12, or maybe you were 20. Maybe you've...
Clipped Season 1 Episode 10 Recap
Can you believe Clipped has already wrapped up for the season? It seems like it was just yesterday that I began my stakeout for the queer exploits of Charmaine Eskowitz, only to...
Clipped Season 1 Episode 9 Recap
After my lackluster review of Clipped last week, I was really hoping the show would step up its game this week. Unfortunately, what they delivered is what I consider their most...
Clipped Season 1 Episode 8 recap
There are two main plot points on Clipped this week-Buzzy's struggles with his gambling addiction, and Joy's doubts about her marriage-and this is all happening as the Doyle...
Clipped Season 1 Episode 7 recap
When I found out that this episode of Clipped was about A.J.'s love life and Mo's parents' potential divorce, I thought for sure this would be my least favorite episode of the...
"Clipped" recap (1.6): World's Rudest Barber
If you've been watching these first few episodes of Clipped , then by this point you knew it was only a matter of time before Charmaine's caustic nature got her in trouble. That...
Clipped Season 1 Episode 5 "Big Gay Wedding" recap
Disclaimer: Although they called this episode of Clipped "Big Gay Wedding," they're not talking about Charmaine's. I hope your big gay hopes weren't shattered like mine were....
Clipped Season 1 Episode 4 "Wi-fi" recap
This episode of Clipped starts off on a sad note: Danni can't buy a pair of the "cute shorty overalls" she wanted because she lost cell reception after Charmaine sneezed and...
"Clipped" recap (1.3): Layers of Jealousy
A new week, a new episode of Clipped featuring Charmaine and her razor-sharp tongue. Actually, this week's episode gives us a healthy dose of Char, so pop the bubbly folks. But...

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