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Dana Krangel

Content and copywriter

Location icon United States

There's a lot that makes me different than your average writer. It could by my stint as a freelance music journalist or that time I ran marketing and events at a headphone startup. Heck, it could even be those two years I spent marketing toupees and wigs in South Florida.

But the real thing that separates me from the pack is my focus on emotional intelligence. Likely stemming from attending four high schools in four states, I’ve had an extreme focus on relationships since a young age. I see value in getting to know everyone I work and interact with on an individual level and forming meaningful connections along the way.

Because writing great content is just as important doing the right thing.

Dana Krangel

(More writing samples available upon request)

Premier Partner Awards updated website
Google Premier Partner Awards 2018

To elevate the Premier Partner Awards 2018, we created a new website, physical trophy, direct mailer, graphics for winners, press releases, and many more assets.

A bonus project at work
That's my jam

Your favorite summer jams are now actual summer jams. See how I transformed 5 catchy pop songs into serious spreads.

Wearhaus Blog
Wearhaus Blog | Music news and product updates

A major undertaking for the Wearhaus marketing push. This blog was constantly being updated with artist interviews and product updates, all researched and written by me.

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