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Not so wealthy, De Anza international students' financial struggle

Often seen as affluent and nonchalant by local students, international students face their own set of financial and adjustment problems in De Anza College which often flies under the radar. An informal poll of 20 local students revealed that the general consensus in the De Anza community is that international students are well-off and hence...

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Students engage in outreach campaign for midterm elections

To increase political involvement in school for the recent midterm elections, outreach campaigns by the political science department and the VIDA office engaged students' involvement to spread voter awareness. Ultimately, they were a success, with over 800 new registrations based off of a single "voter registration" campaign done by political science students.


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Fall 2018 sports update

Volleyball: Winning De Anza College women's volleyball team started off the season with a whole new fresh team. Fourteen freshmen and one sophomore have been representing De Anza. Throughout September the Dons won seven games out of 13 matches played. Compared to the 2017-2018 season during September the Dons won a total of 10 games...

Music Review

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"No Candle No Light" by ZAYN ft Nicki Minaj is just another burned out track

The highly anticipated duet, "No Candle No Light," by ZAYN featuring Nicki Minaj dropped on Nov. 16, explored an electronic sound not typically associated with either artist. The best compliment for the track is how catchy the beat is, but everything else seemingly falls in the generic region, with little innovation beyond Minaj's venture into...

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Migos member Quavo's solo debut "QUAVO HUNCHO" proves he works best in a team

Quavo, from the group Migos, released his first solo project "QUAVO HUNCHO" on Oct. 12, proving he is a better fit in his trio group. It's evident that Quavo stands out in the rap trio, as his lighter and smoother voice makes him versatile, which combined with his undeniable star quality, meant he was the...

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