Damien du Preez

Student & Former Freelance Writer

Location icon South Africa

House of Stellenbosch
House of Stellenbosch

HOS showcases and supports independent jewellery designers from the University of Stellenbosch by operating a community-built platform that exhibits, promotes, and sells handcrafted jewellery from these same independent designers.

Red Black
Red Black - Example Website

A website I created for a fake company in order to showcase my familiarity with Wordpress, hosting providers, and popular tools like Jetpack and YoastSEO.

Freelancer FAQs
Is Freelance Writing Really as Great as It Sounds? - Freelancer FAQs

Let me guess. You want to be a freelance writer because it sounds exciting, freeing, and everything you've ever wanted in a career. You get to write for a living, sit in cafes checking your email, and travel the world while raking in the big bucks. The thing is, nothing's that simple.

My Kind of Monday
Irregular Income? How to Prevent Serious Money Problems

I'm a freelance writer, and like many others I know all about the problems that come from an irregular or uneven income. Clients ditch you, payments are late and you're left with unpaid bills and not enough money for milk. This whole repetitive system sucks, but it's surprisingly easy to get out of.

The Tea Merchant
Introducing the Miracle Moringa Tree

Everyone here at The Tea Merchant is incredibly passionate about tea - it's why we began importing only the finest teas to South Africa all those years ago. Therefore, we're exceedingly proud and eager to announce the latest addition to our herbal tea range: Moringa Loose Leaf tea.

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