Dagmar Kuta

photographer-graphic designer-journalist

Location icon Santa Cruz, California

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Mural class cancelled, volunteers paint on

We all know that Solano has a reputation for cancelling classes due to low enrollment, which usually causes students to feel resentment or frustration towards the administration. But at least one good thing has come from this during the summer: a unique mural in the new Adjunct Support Center.

Yes means yes

A possible bill in California legislature requires that governing boards of each CSU, UC, and community college campus "adopt and implement written procedures or protocols to ensure that students, faculty, and staff who are victims of sexual assault on the grounds or facilities of their institutions receive treatment and information, including a description of on-campus and off-campus resources," according to SB-967.

Students resign, drama continues

ASSC voice opinions, air thoughts, and say goodbye to two members during November meeting Two members of student government resigned from their positions Tuesday, Nov. 18 during their weekly meeting. Nicolas Battiste, who served as the Career and Technical services representative, stepped down citing personal reasons, including issues with the leadership of Associated Students of Solano College student government.

Solano Tempest
College behind bars

Prison correspondence courses approved, but could risk accreditation Don't worry, you won't be seeing any striped jumpsuits on campus. Solano College has finally approved a proposal from the California State Prison that will create distance education correspondence courses available to inmates at the California State Prison located in Vacaville.