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I began writing at the age of five when I wrote my own magazine and convinced my friends to buy it. In more recent years, I have written for a large number of publications. I was an Editor and Features Writer for sarcastic Australian news site, BULLSH!T, where my articles received over 250,000 hits worldwide. In 2018, I founded an anti-travel-blog blog called The Real World. In my spare time, believe it or not, I write some more.

Five Weird Things You'll Get Emotional About When Backpacking

Backpacking is not for the fainthearted. It means no hotels, no privacy and no clue. I usually backpack because it means that I can travel for longer and make friends easily. But there have been times when it's pushed me to the edge of crazy. Like, crying-in-the-shower-over-my-last-clean-pair-of-underwear crazy.

Why Do People Keep Saying "Go to Cuba Before it Changes"?

I visited Cuba this year with my friend and all we heard in the lead up was "Good. Go to Cuba before it changes." We nodded earnestly and agreed. Good for us. What savvy travellers we were. To be h...

Adult male violence is not a "Women's Issue".

TED Talks are no stranger to feminist discussions. But last year, one of the most influential and moving feminist discussions surrounding male violence was had - and it came directly from a male. The talk was held by Jackson Katz, a PhD professor and male leadership coach in Northern America.

Jane Austen v Now: Who is the modern 'accomplished woman'?

Famously coined in Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”, the ‘accomplished woman’ is regarded as a female who is successful and capable in almost every aspect of life. Thank God men have been kind enough to settle for less-than-mediocre women for centuries.

How to Travel Like a Millennial

I am a Millenial. Most of the time, I will vigorously defend our honour. But like every generation, sometimes, we really are the worst. There are many reasons that compel us 'young people' to travel: exploring a new culture, challenging ourselves, and most importantly, stellar Instagram content.

What your coffee order says about you

People order some really, really stupid drinks at cafes. We've all been guilty of it and we've all been witness to it. The abundance of hipster cafes across Sydney alone is enough encouragement for anyone to branch further and further away from a normal coffee.

How to buy the perfect gift, as told by Kimye.

When the words "perfect couple" are uttered anywhere in the world, only one name echoes between the walls. Kimye. Kim and Kanye make Kate and Wills looks like trash covered in bin juice, left out to dry in the sun. The least we can do is crouch humbly in their shadows and imagine that we live in a world...

BULLSH!T decodes: popular lyrics

It is a perpetual struggle. Just when I become addicted to the melody of a song, I make the mistake of listening to the lyrics. Soon, I find myself being dished out A-grade life advice. Apparently, somewhere along the road, I've missed the point of life.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but please don't do these things in your hostel dorm

Hostels are great. They make it easier to travel longer, more frequently or even at all. However, there's an inherent irony to group dorms. They make travel accessible to almost everyone. But they also make you question whether travel SHOULD be accessible to almost everyone. Hostel dorms bring in all kinds, and they do all...

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The buzzing culture of Osaka and beyond - World Travel Guide

Located 43km (27 miles) south of Kyoto is Osaka. This port city, with its cityscape fanning out from its namesake bay, also has an ancient castle within its heart. Osaka is renowned for glorious street food, modern architecture, top-notch shopping and friendly locals.