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Larry Bird Ruined The Indiana Pacers

The Indiana Pacers are broken, and Larry Bird has ruined them. Even if they continue to play the Cleveland Cavaliers closely in the remaining games of their first-round series, this team's window has closed.

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NBA Playoff 2017: Three Observations And Three Overreactions

The 2017 NBA Playoffs have officially started, and the slate of Game 1's were some of the best playoff openers we've seen in a while. Until the Houston Rockets handily downed the OKC Thunder in the last of eight weekend tip-offs, each game was close entering the fourth quarter.

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Why The Raptors Should Fear The Deer

There were more than a few people who picked the Toronto Raptors - especially as we continue to see Cleveland's vulnerability - to make it out of the East once the playoffs started. A torrid last month of coupled with the Cavs lackluster end to the season had a few trusted analysts riding the Raptors wave.

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The 5 Best Mid-Range Shooting Stars In The NBA

Steph Curry and the Warriors didn't usher in a new era of the NBA as much as they perfected the evolution that started in the early 2010's. Their brand of basketball that stresses shooting 3's, position-less basketball, and shooting more 3's became the model.

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Are You Not Entertained? Five Things to Watch For In Bucks-Raptors

The Bucks-Raptors playoff battle should be as entertaining as first-round matchups get in the NBA Playoffs. Toronto put together an impressive season. Fresh off a promising playoff run (and giving the Cavs a closer series than the outcome might show), there were lots of expectations for this year's Toronto team.

Sir Charles In Charge
Young Bucks: Milwaukee Seems Ready to Fly

Coming off of their biggest win of the season, a 109-107 win San Antonio, and doing so without their freshly minted superstar, it's now time to ask the question. What next for this Milwaukee Bucks team?

The Next Best Thing: Even Better Than the Real Thing?

There was a Monday in April where America woke up and collectively said "what!?" April 15, 2012 will forever be known in music lore as the day we resurrected a dead icon, Tupac Shakur, and watched him perform 'live' onstage at Coachella.

WBC: Fantasy Baseball's Crystal Ball

The World Baseball Classic is a flawed tournament (ridiculous pitch counts, missing stars, too much risk to MLB franchises for the players who do participate, and a cockamamie run differential rule that led to the horrendous brawl in Saturday's Canada-Mexico showdown). That being said, it is still enjoyable to see baseball on your TV screen...

Solving For 'x' in Today's World

When America wakes up tomorrow morning it will be saying good morning to a newly-crowned American Idol. The show, wrapping up its 11th season, has become a staple of American pop lore. The television factory has created genuinely viable superstars (Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson to name two) and given us some laughable moments ( William Hung, anyone?).

The Reality Blog: Bait and Switch

"I am not a quitter...and I believe in this city." - Jeffery H. Loria, March 2012. Naturally, Loria threw up the white flag less than a year later after his Florida Marlins (sorry, I can't call them the Miami Marlins because it turns out that was all a joke anyway) failed miserably in their first...

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