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Communications and PR professional

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Senior communications professional with diverse experience in consumer, hospitality, entertainment, healthcare and a broad array of B2B and B2C technologies. Specialties include content strategy and development for multiple audiences, media strategy, analyst relations, social media and client management.


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MarTech Advisor
Why CMOs Should Learn to Speak Geek

Victoria Godfrey, Chief Marketing Officer at Avention suggests brands on how to build a strong and lasting relationship between their CMO and CIO Today's CMOs are tasked with driving more than just leads. With valuable data at their fingertips, modern CMOs are expected to create initiatives that supersede top-of-the-funnel results and lead directly to revenue.

10 Ways to Bridge the CMO-CIO Gap to Drive Business Growth

Marketers in every industry are facing a challenge: They need to drive business results effectively and efficiently, using data-derived insights to inform their marketing strategy. To do that, as a CMO or marketing manager you and your team need to work in tandem with other departments in the company-particularly the chief information officer (CIO) and the IT team-to ensure that marketing programs and campaigns achieve their intended results.

Think Your Data Exhaust is Worthless? Here Are 3 Reasons You'd be Wrong - insideBIGDATA

In this special guest feature, Hank Weghorst, Chief Technology Officer at Avention, believes the emergence of "data exhaust" is a trend that will continue to pick up momentum. Data exhaust is data that has already been produced and used by one source and then instead of being thrown out with the trash, is reused by a third-party.

Why personalization fails

Price -- long a primary element of any purchasing decision -- is fast losing its position of power among consumers. Perhaps this is a result of a hyper-competitive marketplace or the millennial mindset, which places emphasis on brand values and collaborative business relationships.

Five Superhot Email Marketing Trends

One trend that topped predictions this year was email. That's because it continues to be the channel that gives marketers the biggest bang for their buck. Here's a look at five email trends marketers should keep an eye on (and use to their advantage) to maximize their ROI. 1.

Marketing Land
The Power Of Customer Trust In Brand Marketing

Never before in history has the average consumer held so much power. With social and mobile technology at our fingertips, everyday people can voice their opinions and rally communities to do the same. The challenge for brands today is determining how to use the voice of the consumer to their advantage.
Why You Need to Let Go for Your Startup to Grow

If you've ever started a business or if you're working to grow your startup now, you understand the all-consuming passion and commitment it requires. As entrepreneurs, we tend to coddle our businesses much as we would a child. We feed and nurture them and protect them at all costs.

Client e-book

I co-wrote and managed this project with the designer and client.

In 2015, Think Beyond the Password - Watchdox

By: Ryan Kalember, chief product officer For at least the 15th year running, this year taught us that passwords alone are simply not strong enough to protect companies from security breaches. Between the Dropbox password leak incident, a plethora of healthcare-related device thefts and even the infamous iCloud breach, we witnessed passwords fail time and again-and the ...

How one fleet reduces tire maintenance costs through enhanced fleet visibility

Tire blowouts are a common occurrence that can have costly results for any transportation company. However, by implementing a comprehensive tire maintenance program supported by GPS-based business intelligence software and services, blowouts can be dramatically reduced, resulting in improved service, greater productivity, safer transport and significantly lower costs.

Executive Education That Works

In partnership with Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Northeastern University's D'Amore-McKim School of Business created a custom executive education program that applies business intelligence and analytic concepts to strengthen the performance capabilities of a health plan. Harvard Pilgrim Health Care is a Massachusetts-based, 1,200-person health benefits organization with a network of more than 135 hospitals and 28,000 doctors and clinicians.

Turn Down the Noise: Tips for Managing Information Overload

In the latest Indiana Jones movie, Cate Blanchett's character sought the omniscient knowledge of the Crystal Skull with villainous zeal. But when she at last gained access to the unfiltered deluge of information ... well, let's just say it was more than she could process. All Information Management articles are archived after 7 days.

My thoughts on PR, marketing and communications

Metis Communications

By: Crystal There are many factors that contribute to a communications campaign, but often success comes down to the message. A timely story about your new product may get your company some attention, but if that story doesn't include your key messages, how does it support your company's goals?

10 Proven PR Tactics for Small Businesses

By Crystal Monahan, PerkettPR With limited resources and little spare time, small business owners trying to tackle PR often find themselves overwhelmed, underpowered and ineffective. But, with a little education and a solid game plan, SMBs can achieve PR success. Below are 10 tried-and-true PR tactics that any small business can employ.

Tips For Working Through The Holiday Blahs

Thanksgiving week not only commemorates the pilgrims' grateful celebration with their Native American neighbors, it also marks the unofficial start of the winter holiday season in the U.S. (including Hanukkah this year). In most cases, this is the week when U.S. businesses begin rewarding employees with early release days and extra time off to enjoy...

You've Been Endorsed! A Wish List for LinkedIn Validations

Indulge us as we channel Jerry Seinfeld for a moment: What is the deal with LinkedIn endorsements? First off - they're everywhere lately. There are days when the bulk of the updates we see consist only of one contact endorsing or being endorsed by another.

Measuring the Real Value of Media Coverage

I came across an interesting blog post in MediaPost recently in which the author, travel PR executive Vicky Hastings, noted that quantitative measures are no longer sufficient for measuring the success of PR. Hear hear!

Got Content? 5 Tips For Great Newsletter Content

Newsletter creation can be remarkably challenging for even the most prolific writer. After all, your newsletter has some lofty goals: get through spam filters, attract readers' eyes, get opened, get read, get click-thrus, convert to a lead, and if all the stars align - result in a sale.

PR Toolbox: Business Writing in the Digital Age

By Crystal Monahan, PerkettPR Written communication is a cornerstone of the PR profession. From press releases and blog posts to pitches and white papers, we spend a substantial portion of our careers working with the written word. But as digital content and social formats gain traction, we're faced with an entirely new challenge: Standard rules of written communication no longer apply.

Five Ways to Win a Client's Confidence

Ask anyone in the client service business and they'll tell you one of their biggest challenges is earning a client's trust. We all know that trust must be earned, yet from the get-go we expect new clients to trust that we know what we're doing, that we'll do good work for them, and that we have their best interests in mind.

The Art of Listening in Client Service

At the risk of stereotyping myself, and my peers, it seems to me that most PR personalities are talkers, spinners and strategists, but rarely are they quiet listeners or observers. This observation is based on my own experience in PR over the last decade or so.

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