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I developed a passion for the written word as a child and have been unable to let it go. Once in college, I realized I could actually major in writing and thus obtained a BA in Journalism. I spent years doing freelance writing for a community newspaper, then began leading teams in the area of communications, marketing and promotions for 25+ years for churches and non-profit organizations I worked with. I simultaneously developed my professional expertise as an HR/Diversity leader, leadership developer and operations manager as I worked in and moved up the corporate ladder. Life has given me a plethora of content to write about!

5 Top Suggestions for Successfully Working at Home

The Face of Work Options Is Changing We are living in a time when we have seen a surge in the number of people who are working from home. This is in part because more companies are choosing more creative ways to gain an advantage in hiring talent in a highly competitive job market.


6 Ways to Become the Leader Your Team Needs

Leadership is more than just telling people what to do; it's helping them achieve success. If your primary focus, as a leader, is on the work that needs to get done with little focus on the how, the who or the why, there is a good chance you are not leading, you are managing.

What You Need to Know About Finding Good Help

I once had a conversation with a very friendly, hard working woman who worked in housekeeping at a previous employer. She told me she actually enjoyed cleaning and that's why she had the job. Not only did she like cleaning but she was proud of how well she cleaned and how it made others happy.

Institute for Diversity

To get the maximum return from diversity initiatives, responsibility should reside where it will get maximum support from the entire organization. The single best location is in a direct reporting line to the CEO.

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Women's Interest

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