Ryan W. McClellan

Digital Copywriter & Content Creator

United States

My name is Ryan W. McClellan and I have been a writer my entire life. I wrote my first story at age five and presented it at a Young Author's Convention one year later. The spark was lit. Since then, I have worked with leading companies - both large and small - to develop sound marketing and creative solutions.

Digital Media Guide

I was tasked by HubSpot to create a digital marketing eBook! It was a vivacious experience.

Twitter Strategy Guide

A submission of mine for a client. It is a tactical guide for those new to Twitter!

Silicon Trading
Silicone Supplier Catalog

This was a catalog I designed for a Europe-based chemical supplier. Created in InDesign.

Multimedia Solutions
Multimedia Solutions Project

In 2017, I was given a task of designing a blog and guide series for Multimedia Solutions.

Good Reads
Video Game Novel

This was one of six books I have published in the past decade, later bought out by DMAC.

Creative Waves Media
Sample Manuscript Novel

An interesting novel I was not even aware I had written until just now. Enjoy!

Creative Waves Media
Sample Blog Post 2022

A short blog article written for my own personal use.

Blog Samples