Craig Measel

International Marketing and Sales

Location icon United States of America

As an international marketing and sales executive, Craig Measel has worked with start-up companies and fortune 500 corporations with annual revenues from $.5 million to $6.4 billion. Craig has had repeated successes in multiple medical channels to include debt financing, clinical trials, distribution, medical device, capital equipment, managed care contracting, pharmaceuticals and consumer products.

Craig is currently leading the sales and marketing development and implementation for the international launch of the Strōma Medical laser procedure. Strōma Medical, based in Irvine, CA, has developed and patented a non-invasive procedure to change eye color from brown to blue. The procedure is performed in ophthalmic offices with only a topical anesthetic and takes 30 seconds per eye to complete.

Craig balances his professional career with a number of community and charitable endeavors. Organizations to which Craig contributes are the Wound Warrior Project, American Heart Association and the American Red Cross. Craig is an avid traveler and enjoys spending time on the beautiful beaches of California with his family and friends.


STRŌMA and Ō are registered trademarks of STRŌMA MEDICAL CORPORATION. STRŌMA ® Laser System is an investigational device that is not currently approved for commerical use.

Laser Eye Color Change by Stroma Medical - iCOLOUR®

From movie stars to incredible photographs, blue eyes are stunning to look at. But most of the world's population has brown or dark-colored eyes. Eye color is determined by genetics, so if both your parents have brown eyes, you probably will, too. However, if you've always wanted blue eyes, it may not be an impossible dream.

New laser surgery to get blue eyes emerging - Xinhua |

In an earlier interview with CNN, the company's representative Dr. Gregg Homer said the laser is so weak that the eyes won't bear injuries from it. Nevertheless, the medical industry and ophthalmologists still raised concerns about the irreversibility of the surgery.

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