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Commissioning Editor, Novara Media

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I am the commissioning editor of NovaraWire, the text platform of Novara Media.
I am also a freelance writer, with articles appearing in outlets as diverse as Vice UK, openDemocracy, Occupied Times and Erotic Review.
I can be contacted at [email protected]


Since 2010 I have edited and published in both print and online media, with a focus on commentary and analysis.
Novara Media is a multimedia outlet which prides itself on amplifying marginalised voices and social movement perspectives. I joined the team at the end of 2013 to launch NovaraWire, which publishes three articles a week and has attracted almost half a million unique readers in under 18 months. I have also reported for NovaraTV and taken part in NovaraFM, a weekly radio show hosted on Resonance 104.4 FM.

Alongside journalism, I am a PhD researcher with a growing number of peer-reviewed academic publications.

Coming to a university near you: casualisation through internal outsourcing

Warwick University's new 'Teach Higher' initiative aims to centralise 'casual' academic work. This move will only exacerbate the problem of precarious labour in the university. Warwick's University House, Image: 'Necrothesp' There are many notable things about the University of Warwick. Its commitment to linking the academy with industry has attracted strong criticism, most famously in E.P.

Budget 2015: A growing student movement has found its new hook

After the trebling of tuition fees in 2010, student movements suffered a major blow. Now they are rising up again. For students the take-home message from the summer budget is that fees are up, while maintenance grants are out.

Novara Wire
Red on the Inside: Are the Greens the 'New Old Labour'?

The Green Party of England and Wales has polled at 10% for the first time this week, and it has been reported that the recent surge in support is coming largely from Labour's younger voters. The Greens are clearly positioning themselves as the 'real opposition' to the Coalition ahead of the general election, with Brighton [...]

Novara Wire
"WTF is happening?!" - Warwick, the police and the new student movement

Images of pepper spray and a Taser on a university campus were shocking, but if the new student movement is to dig its heels in it can expect more where that came from. "What the fuck is happening?!" cried a woman two metres away from me, holding one hand to her mouth while the other [...]

Novara Wire
5 Reasons Syriza Won the Greek Election

In an historic landmark, last night Syriza became the first radical left party to be elected in a pre-enlargement EU member state*, but what led to this result beyond the ballots? Novara Wire editor Craig McVegas writes from Athens. 1. The crisis continues to provide the backdrop.

Occupations and suspensions: a tense week at Sussex

Sussex University in the UK has become the site of occupations, strikes, road blocks and picket lines as students and workers rally against privatization. On Tuesday, November 26, around one hundred students from the University of Sussex reclaimed the university conference center for the purposes of an occupation.

The Occupied Times
Reflections on #Mar25 at Sussex University

The occupation at the University of Sussex began on 7 February over the university management's intention to outsource 235 jobs to private companies. Since then a "Sussex Against Privatisation" blog has received heavy traffic, and yellow squares - the adopted symbol of the campaign - which have become ubiquitous across the campus, adorning everything from coats to windows.

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