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Opinions Editor for The Pitt News. Formerly, Assistant Opinions Editor and columnist for The Pitt News and Staff Writer for the feminist zine, The Fourth Wave.



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That's right, it's savvy to write: Trade your keyboard for a pen

Last Tuesday, journalist Melissa Ludtke spoke to my Women in Journalism class. Ludtke is best known as the reporter who made it possible for female journalists to enter baseball locker rooms following a 1978 lawsuit against the commissioner of baseball.

The Pitt News
Black Friday or Black Thursday? A Sales Façade

It's not so much the shoppers themselves that are seemingly nuts - it's the businesses that fuel Black Friday. Traditionally, businesses open on midnight the Friday following Thanksgiving. This year, however, a handful of businesses are set to open on Thursday - Thanksgiving Day. Namely, Walmart, Target, Macy's, Kohl's, JCPenney and Toys"R"Us.

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Workin' for the dough: Why minimum wage work spices up your skill set

So, you didn't land that internship at Children's Hospital. Or, maybe, you just didn't have the right qualifications for that prestigious internship with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. You applied for a cushy work-study job at Hillman, but, instead, someone else is getting paid to sit behind a desk and do homework.

The Fourth Wave
Incarcerated by Gender

A discussion on etiquette for gender nonconforming individuals in

The Pitt News
A knack for Yik Yak: Why millennials turn to an online diary

Although the anonymous social media app has drawn some furtive glances from the likes of concerned parents and Business Insider since its inception in fall 2013, college students have embraced it. Though social media has met demands for college-related content - think "Overheard at Pitt" on Facebook and "Pitt Makeouts" on Twitter - Yik Yak is a more fully developed and streamlined version of the concept.

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Are homecoming candidates the faces of our University?

Today though, the original tradition of using the King and Queen as figureheads for a university is dead. While a court may have noteworthy members who do good deeds, they are typically involved in the same types of activities year after year.

The Pitt News
Tolerance is key to ending body modification stigma

In a professional setting, there is no reason for anyone to see my tattoos, considering they rest primarily on my ribs or thighs - places no employer has any business looking. However, not everyone schematically designs their personal living canvas as carefully as I have.

The Pitt News
In college, thrift like your wallet depends on it

What do you think of first when you hear the words "college apartment?" Front lawns, covered in beer bottles and debris? A futon covered in stains of which you dare not question the origin? Perhaps the unfinished basement, reminiscent of Buffalo Bill's kill room in TheSilence of the Lambs, complete with a homemade beer pong table?


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Sex ed revamp: Transgender inclusion is vital for progress

The government allotted Pennsylvania more than $1.6 million that year to fund abstinence-only sex education programs, according to It would be more productive to spend this budget on progressive sex education like Julie Metzger's Great Conversations program. Metzger first began teaching a puberty-based sex ed curriculum, of which Great Conversations is an offshoot, at Allegheny General Hospital in 1988.

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Editorial: Video applications show clearer picture of students

Moran-Kaplan used his two-minute-long video to apply to Goucher College, which is a small, private, liberal arts school in Baltimore County, Md. Goucher College accepted 49 students, including Moran-Kaplan, solely through the merit of their video submissions. These innovative video applications are a less rigid, low-stress option in the ­college admissions process that help to modernize the entire practice.

The Pitt News
Editorial: Rachel Levine: Right woman for the job

The Senate should confirm the selection, making Levine an educated force in not only overall healthcare but trans healthcare, making Pennsylvania a leader in bold, progressive political appointments. Having a high-ranking government official with the necessary background for the job combined with a fresh perspective on an underrepresented section of our state is beneficial to all in the Commonwealth.

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Editorial: Oakland Zoo shows some class for UNC's late Dean Smith

When the Panthers' PA announcer called for a moment of silence to honor University of North Carolina's legendary, late coach, Dean Smith, students in the front row of the Zoo unfurled a banner that read, "You should never be proud of doing what's right. You should just do what's right."

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Editorial: Redefining police presence in Pittsburgh

After a controversial 2014, the New Year reminded us that good cops are on our side. This realization came in the form of a simple cardboard poster held by Pittsburgh police chief Cameron McLay during Pittsburgh's First Night parade. The sign read, "I resolve to challenge racism @ work. #EndWhiteSilence."

"Casual Fridays" — News stories with a twist

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Casual Fridays

Manners are rather important, as illustrated by one Vermont man last month. Wearing all black to remain inconspicuous, the mystery man entered Waterbury Laundry & Dry - but not to do laundry. Video footage documented the man walking up to a washing machine, pulling a chair up to it, looking both ways, unzipping his pants and urinating.