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Courtney Apstein

Web Content Writer | Copywriter | SEO Knowledgeable

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Passionate Writer with an perspective on key audiences, strong written and oral communication, as well as data and analysis skills. Looking to break into a new culture using SEO to streamline fast-paced, deadline-oriented projects. A strong history of working in both the writing/editing industry and trucking/translation/localization industry.

Skilled in a plethora of various areas, I can wear many different hats throughout a day's work. I'm easily adaptable, easy to work with, maintain deadlines, and learn like a sponge. Although I've recently been working independently, I welcome team building, collaboration, and teamwork especially as that is an area lacking in my profession.


Website Content Writer / Coordinator

Importance of Inventory.

To avoid unbinding the agreement and losing the protection, it is best to make a clear and accurate inventory of all of the items being moved so that the binding contract stays original. Example If you are quoted 500 cu f at $4.00 per cube on your pickup date there is 700 cu f, Vanguard Van Lines honors the $4.00 per cube.

Vanguard Van Lines
Vanguard Van Lines - Reliable Long Distance Moving Company You Can Trust.

We are committed to our customer's satisfaction, which is why our L.A. moving company prioritizes professionalism, quality, and compliance. Relocating is not easy, which is why we go above and beyond to make sure our L.A. movers are trained accordingly to handle our clients household or commercial goods with the sensitivity.

Binding Estimates.

A moving company that offers the binding price agreement will provide the mover with a binding estimate along with a bill of lading (or receipt). Most experts agree that binding price contracts are usually a good way for movers to receive an estimate for their move and that if possible should make a point of requesting one.

Free Additional Services.

Yet another free additional service that Vanguard Van Lines automatically provides customers with is free wrapping materials. That mean seem vague now, but we believe free materials helps us better protect our customer's household goods. This saves on costs and is something that can be taken out of the budget, leaving one less thing to worry about.

Diesel Emissions Technician
Best Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner | Diesel Truck Mechanic Repair

We service all truck makes and models, diesel emission system, such as DPF. Whatever you need. We offer Best diesel particulate filter cleaner, diesel truck repair and much more. We have you covered & we are your mobile mechanic nearby. Feel free to visit our website. We are happy to assist you.

Content | Copywriting

6 Top Ways to Find Free Moving Boxes

By Courtney W. Apstein Published: LinkedIn December 17th, 2018 Let's be honest, when it comes to moving and storage each and every penny counts, especially when you're moving interstate or long distance.

CLEAN MY DPF - DPF Cleaning Service | DPF Cleaning Service

Before moving on to diagnostic or assessments and evaluations of your trucks or fleets, it's crucial to check out your DPF and service it. This may or may not even solve your commercial or private fleets problems. It's amazing what a thorough cleaning can do with the best DPF cleaning machines around.

Lifespan of DPF - DPF Cleaning Service | DPF Cleaning Service

The lifespan of a DPF is much too complex of a question to answer because of the wide range of variables to consider. After DPFs were required, people often complained about needing replacements without allowing their DPF or diesel emissions system any type of servicing.

About Us.

We are committed to our customer's satisfaction, which is why our L.A. moving company prioritizes professionalism, quality, and compliance. Relocating is not easy, which is why we go above and beyond to make sure our L.A. movers are trained accordingly to handle our clients household or commercial goods with the sensitivity.

Full Packing Services.

Our knowledgeable team is strictly professional and detail-oriented from the start of a full packing job to finish. This is a white glove service in the moving and storage industry. Any reputable Los Angeles moving company may offer such a service, but the movers and staff at Vanguard Van Lines in Northridge, CA will continue to offer quality services for quality prices.

Partial Packing Service.

Providing distinguished packing and moving services, our Los Angeles moving company offers partial packing as a separate, more simple packing service. If you only have a few unique items you need packed or you're simply moving household goods that are fragile or need special packaging, then a partial pack is right for you.

Unpacking Services.

No matter if your move is interstate, state to state, long distance, or even cross country, our expert staff at Vanguard provides remarkable and reliable additional and customer services. From the beginning of packing all household goods and miscellaneous items to loading the truck, and finally unpacking your household furnishings and other items which are essential to the quality of your move.

Interstate Commercial Movers.

We maintain a network of Los Angeles movers to promote ethical practice and dependability in the household goods and commercial moving industry nationwide. We manage a diversity of residential moves, yet, we also do business transporting commercial goods Interstate. The transportation of a long distance or Interstate commercial transportation requires mover with experience, expertise, and proficiency.

Diesel Emissions Technician
Exploring Emission Technology - Diesel Emissions Technician

Although the DPF is an efficient and effective component of the emission system, there are other parts of the emission system available. These emission control devices vary in type, however the goal of reducing soot, ash, and PM emissions from polluting the air remain the same.

Diesel Emissions Technician
About Us | Diesel Emission Mechanic

With technology developing at such a rapid rate, so are the ways in which we protect ourselves and our surrounding environment from harmful air pollutants or particulate matter (PM). Diesel Emission Technician has become a necessity to all of those driving a diesel fueled vehicle.

Diesel Emissions Technician
Emission Regulations for 2018 for diesel trucks in California

Being compliant is the most significant aspect of protecting your business from massive fines. Compliance is monitored heavily by different federal and state regulations and enforced through a continuously increasing standards, tests, and advancing technology. The laws and regulations of the industry are constantly changing, making it vital for every business to stay informed of these briefings.

Diesel Emissions Technician
Why Does Ash Build Up? - Diesel Emissions Technician

Recognizing Air Toxins Most people don't think twice about what's in the air or about air pollutants in general. California is well-known for toxins and air pollutants, especially regarding diesel emissions. It's all too common for people to leave their windows open or drive with them down while a truck drives by.

What is a Moving Tariff?

A moving tariff is a legal document in place to state the pricea moving company charge. Items on the tariff can include transportation of goods as well as extra services. A tariff prices out cubic footage or weight in pounds for a move from one destination to another.

Full Service Moving Company

For the best full Service Moving Company long distance of local we can help. tell us about your needs and wants then connect with licensed movers.

Relocation Checklist

Organize Your Move From Beginning to Final Delivery Make Your Relocation Checklist a Timeline No Time to Make a List or Can't Make a Good One? Think About Your Daily and Weekly Schedules Moving is Stressful, Schedule Time for Relaxation Stick to the List You Create: It's Your Guide!

Cities to Move to for an Interesting Life as a Millennial

Millennials Are Their Own Generation Millennial Generation Characteristics: Who Are Millennials? Millennials Search for Constant Excitement, People, and Culture Millennials Relationship Status of Should I Say Independence? Professional Development and Technology: Millennials Trends Catering to the Tech Savvy Millennials Why Are Millennials So Optimistic?

How to Move With No Money

Moving from one home to another is a pretty difficult thing to do. This is especially true if you have little or no money at all. So what are you supposed to do in that kind of situation? The only way you can really move is if you figure out ways to earn money with no money.

Academic Research APA Format

Arguments of Culture VS Genetics Paves the Way for Unavoidable Controversy

BY COURTNEY W. APSTEIN DECEMBER 14TH, 2014 OFFICIALLY PUBLISHED on LinkedIn on MAY 20, 2018 Although genetics analyses have developed and are now able to trace an individual's ancestral history as well as populations, there are many controversial issues surrounding this scientific research.

Brief Thoughts on Understanding Urban Metropolises

By Courtney W. Apstein PUBLISHED: May 20th, 2018 The urban metropolis and its function in society cannot be understood without studying its composition as a city of immigrants, their newcomer families and friends and the ties that bind them.

A Reflection on Society's 2018 Mass Media Histeria

A Reflection on Society's 2018 Political Mass Media Craze by Courtney W. Apstein December 16th, 2018 Introduction The media has become a powerful tool in shaping how our culture is perceived and greatly influenced modern thinking.

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