Corbin Lee


United States

Hello, my name is Corbin. As I am finishing up a degree in Latin American and Caribbean Studies at Florida International University and preparing for graduate school, I have taken the dive into freelance writing/editing. I have experience in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and a true enjoyment of grammar, writing, and literature. I consider myself a Latin America aficionado (especially Mexico) and my first academic publication will soon be featured in UNAM's Mexican Law Review.


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Avoid Crowds At These 10 Tranquil Mexican Beaches

Many people are itching to finally break free of the COVID-19 funk that has held many of them in their hometowns for the past two years or more. What is a more welcoming destination there other than coastal Mexico?

Unusual Tea Experiences Only Found In London's West End

There are few things as essential to English culture as tea. The ritual of afternoon tea dates back centuries and shows no sign of disappearing, with a bustling scene of high-end tea experiences only continuing to grow not only in number but also in impressiveness.

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