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Cooper Gelb

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A content creator and digital marketer, Cooper Gelb is a Chicago resident and graduating student of DePaul University. In his spare time, he enjoys writing poetry and spending time with his beloved succulents.

Best Brunch in Condesa, Mexico City

What's the best way to start your Sunday morning? No, not church: BRUNCH! In Mexico City, you can find brunches that range from traditional Mexican breakfasts like chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, and shirred eggs to the pancakes and bottomless mimosas of the U.S and everything in between.


BrixBid Design Tip 6: Tired of your old sofa or couch? Spice it up with accent pillows to add new colors and shapes to your living room. #InteriorDesign

Los Mejores Tejados en CDMX

No hay nada mejor y glamuroso como alomorzar en un restaurante con azotea. Tendras las mejores vistas de la ciudad, miraras a la gente desde lejos y podras tomarte uncóctel de expectacula mientras te sientes ecantado frente a esas vistas. O simplemente puedes disfrutar de una buena comida y bebida con las vistas de la Ciudad de México.

The Black Sheep
DePaul Art Museum Launches Spring Exhibit As If Art Has Meaning in the Unfeeling Void of this...

The DePaul Art Museum, that cool building right next to the Fullerton station, has closed its big glass doors for a few weeks in order to assemble its spring exhibits. The exhibits range from a series of historical photographs entitled Someday, Chicago by Japanese photographer Yasuhiro Ishimoto, to performance art by Beverly Fresh, to a myriad of other works.

Home Decor on a Budget

Not everyone has a ton of money lying around to blow on expensive furniture and art, but everyone wants a nice-looking home. Fortunately, building up a well-decorated apartment without overspending isn't just possible, it's downright easy!

Nuestra guía de la vida nocturna de Coyoacán

Hay muchos vecindarios en la Ciudad de México, cada uno con sus propias comunidades, cultura y atmósfera, Coyoacán es uno de estos barrios. Coyoacán fue en el pasado un suburbio de la ciudad de México, y todavía lleva un poco de esa energía provincial de pueblo pequeño.

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