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Girl Camper Magazine
On the Road with Tiffany Bonner

Life On The Road With Tiffany Bonner From Zero Vacations to Full-Time Traveler Tiffany Bonner was born in Northeast Oklahoma to a family who never traveled. In fact, she didn't take her first vacation until she was an adult with her first child. "Growing up, money was always an issue, so travel...

Ai Pono Hawaii Eating Disorder Treatment Center
No Safe Shelter from Ed: Eating Disorders and COVID-19

Some people have even relapsed into old ED behaviors after being recovered for years. Some people are just discovering their eating disorder for the first time in isolation. There are five main reasons why the COVID-19 crisis has affected individuals with eating disorders: feeling a loss of control

Eating Disorder Hope
Eating Disorders and Substance Use Disorders

Eating disorders (ED) and substance use disorders (SUD) often co-occur. It is extremely important for those suffering from both ED and SUD, to receive specialized treatment that addresses both issues. Substance use disorder (also called substance abuse disorder) occurs when a person is unable to control the use of a drug or medication, either legal or illegal [1].

How to Unleash Creativity When You Feel Stuck & Uninspired

"Creativity is the natural order of life. Life is energy: pure creative energy." ~ Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way Ever find yourself staring hopelessly at a blank screen? Me too. As a writer, I have a hard time admitting this. I mean, it's my full-time job. I...

Eating Disorder Hope
How Nutritionists Help Us Recover From Disordered Eating

Disordered eating is a widespread (and often untreated) problem in our culture. In fact, research shows that approximately 50 percent of the US population demonstrates disordered eating [1]. But with a constant bombardment of weight-loss messages and misinformed nutrition advice, it can be hard for those struggling with disordered eating to restore a healthy and balanced relationship with food.

Eating Disorder Hope
What is the Balance Between Healthy Diet and Not Depriving Oneself?

While everyone would agree that eating healthy is good for your body, many people are confused about what healthy eating even means. Does a healthy diet mean you can never eat foods you like? Does it mean cutting out all "bad" foods? In short, what is the balance between a healthy diet and not depriving oneself?

Eating Disorder Hope
Body Image Pressures of Summertime and Some of the Dangers

Summertime is the season of sunshine, swimming pools, beach days, BBQs, and, unfortunately, body image pressures. Thanks to the season's extra pressures, summer can be a very difficult time full of triggers and potential pitfalls for those struggling with body image issues or an eating disorder.

Matchless Candle Company
10 Ways to Make Your Home More Relaxing - Matchless Candle Company

Feeling stressed at home? We understand. For most of us in 2020, our homes have become everything from offices and gyms to schools and full-time daycares...hardly relaxing! But believe it or not, it's still possible for your home to be a place of refuge and peace.

Ai Pono Hawaii Eating Disorder Treatment Center
Treatment for Eating Disorders and Co-Occurring Disorders

Numerous studies show that individuals with eating disorders often suffer from another disorder. For those struggling with two separate diagnoses, like an eating disorder and anxiety or depression, it is extremely important for them to receive treatment that targets and addresses both issues.