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Hannah Nelson

Public Relations Coordinator

Location icon United States

My name is Hannah Nelson, I am a designer at BIC. I graduated from Central Washington University with a major in English and a minor in Technical writing. My experience includes being in charge of the PR department at CWU, working for Microsoft for a number of years, and I am currently one of the head designers at BIC.

Contact me:
[email protected]
Office Number: (555)-132-4534

Central Washington University
Press Release

Introducing myself as the new head of Public Relations at Central Washington University.

Central Washington University
Product News Release

This a news release about the new product BIC is releasing.

Central Washington University
Media Release

Describing the new product that BIC is releasing. It talks about the event and where it will be held.

Central Washington University
Backgrounder for Product

This is some interesting information that is useful to know about the product and the company.

Central Washington University
Fact Sheet

Facts about the product that will soon be releasing. Hopefully, this will help the buyer decide whether or not they want to buy it.

Central Washington University

This is a step by step graphic on how to use the product. With some interesting information at the end

Central Washington University
Picture of Product

This a picture of the new pen so the people can see what it looks like

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