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Adage be true: it's less about the destination, and infinitely more about the journey.

Chicago-based freelance copywriter and self-proclaimed raconteur
finding simplicity in the fashionable man, humility in the workingman, and confidence in the everyman.



Branding & Tone
ulio&jack | Know Our Brand

We embody two very stoic figures whose actions speak grander than words. Our grandparents, Ulio and Jack, lived enormously, strength prevailing, through historic blessings and hardships alike, setting a life-long standard for which we hold ourselves accountable today.

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ulio&jack | Facebook

Ulio&Jack. 2,441 likes ยท 253 talking about this. We craft products from natural ingredients that inspire action, adventure and sophistication in not only...

Lifestyle Journal
ulio&jack Explores Cabin Country December '15

As every Sophisticated Adventurer knows, it's important to have an arsenal of winter-appropriate outfits. Whether you're traveling the world or staying close to home for years end, we're exploring Frank & Oak's Cabin Country December 2015 collection. Durability, warmth, fashion forward: the ultimate trifecta in men's winter-wear [...]

Lifestyle Journal
6 Essentials for International Travel

Traveling is a personal investment. It's pursuit of what home really means, and home is worldly. You'll find your routine, and what works best for you. We've discovered a few tricks to make the travel more about the journey, and less about the traffic [...]

Lifestyle Journal
Becoming a Social Maverick

One of the easiest missteps with social gatherings is not truly understanding your audience. Many traditions have gone wayside throughout the years, but being a spectacular host has never gone out of style [...]

Lifestyle Journal
Reinvention is Man's Greatest Tool

There's a caliber of man in today's world possessing finesse, an artistry for deflection. He's less concerned with his social media presence and appropriate hashtag usage, and paying closer attention to the finer, more meaningful experiences of daily life.

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EPIC Productions

EPIC Productions | Entertainment
Show Review: Sam Feldt Brings a Tropical Storm to Chicago

Tropical storm Sam Feldt has much love in Chicago, and fittingly so, as he performed on the rainiest day the city has seen in nearly a year. Captivating, scintillating, fresh in his own style. It's a surreal experience watching someone so young command a powerhouse show with high energy, humility, and personality.

EPIC Productions | Singles
Chicago Based Trio, Autograf, Releases "Metaphysical"

Chicago is the city on fire, a city that is literally withering from the inside out. Rebuilt from the ashes, it's crumbling again from fire of a different kind. National attention has been brought to the extreme gun violence and urban grit surrounding Chicago, that much is nothing new.

EPIC Productions | Singles
ODESZA Is Sure to "Light" Up The End of Your Summer With New Single featuring Little Dragon

Incandescently gripping, Little Dragon is musical frisson, perfected. Coupled with ODESZA 's anthemic overture, "Light" is dazzling, spiritual. Their effortless synergy proving that ambient electronic can't get any better. The stabilizing bass, airy falsetto, and cohesive movement throughout the piece mesh brilliantly. This is clearly the winning collaboration.

EPIC Productions | Singles
Calvin Harris and Disciples Drop Much Anticipated "How Deep is Your Love"

When popular musicians known globally for their chart topping, mega-hit dance anthems return to their roots, the effect is simultaneously beautiful and enthralling. In an industry oversaturated with collaborations and remixes, very few artists have the lasting ability to maintain their residency across such a vast electronic spectrum.

EPIC Productions | Singles
Disclosure Drops Yet ANOTHER Single Off 'Caracal'

Highly anticipated to say the very least, Disclosure's release of Caracal is synth-pop summer farewell. Expected collaboration with Sam Smith aside (to brilliant effect, no doubt), it's vocal prowess laying the foundation for concise, styled electronic this time around. They've tapped further into the collaborative scene, and come up with just enough surprises to excite those in wait [...]

EPIC Productions | Singles
Martin Garrix Releases Much Anticipated "Dragon"

Martin Garrix is 19 years old. Let that sink in for a moment. In only a few short years, he has risen to become one of the top DJs across the globe. Drawing inspiration from Tiesto, who would later became his personal mentor, he has already crafted a sound that many can recognize immediately.

EPIC Productions | Singles
Dim Mak Presents 'The Acid & Roids Mix' by Panic City

Dim Mak's PANIC CITY is a self-taught, voraciously talented powerhouse, rapidly climbing the ranks to worldwide phenom. With nods of approval from the likes of Diplo and DJ R3HAB, his hard-hitting, 35 minute, 16-track remix album is the ultimate cultivation of aggressive summer dance beats.

OnTour Magazine

OnTour Magazine | Show Review
Gary Clark Jr.: passionately demure

Gary Clark Jr. stays hidden in the deep red shadows like Dr. Frankenstein's beautiful monster. Dark grays and husky purples illuminate his silhouette only slightly. His face is turned to the side in musical meditation and humility, his eyes never quite finding the audience [...]

OnTour Magazine | Interview
Michael McDermott: not fade away

In the era of technological babble and white noise, it's easy to lose track of what's important in the world of music. Any schmoe with an internet connection can hastily blog and immediately publish for hundreds, thousands, to see. Almost a game of luck, having a rock-solid internet presence in the land of amateur sleuths and critics [...]

OnTour Magazine | Show Review
The Westies: with the tender side of a fist

The Westies were Hell's Kitchen's most notorious Irish-American gang. Between the late 60s and mid-80s, they were responsible for more than 100 deaths and a myriad of other crimes. Quite the accomplishment when their numbers never boasted more than 20.

OnTour Magazine | Interview
John Splithoff: tales of a nomadic lothario

John Splithoff has a long, confident stride. Head held high, chin up. He has a lot to be proud of. He walks into the coffee shop where we agreed to meet. A firm handshake (the first good sign), and a warm smile, he introduces himself [...]

OnTour Magazine | Interview & Show Review
Daley: Mancurian master of the universe

Pompadourian King, Gareth Daley (better known, simply, as Daley) is not just another artist breezing through the Windy City. Having collaborated with some impressive names in music-the Gorillaz, Marsha Ambrosius, Jessie J, and Pharell Williams-Daley is a multi-faceted, independent artist turned international phenom [...]

OnTour Magazine | Interview
Nicole Wray: vivacious lady in wait

Funkadelic soul sister, Nicole Wray, is blending classic jukebox blues, hip-hop, and contemporary soul to create an ethereal, multi-genre, sound that packs quite the wallop. Her guttural and gritty vocals soar high and bite low. She's celebrating the new vibe as she tours worldwide in support of her most recent self-titled album, Lady [...]

OnTour Magazine | Interview
JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound: high octane funk

Gifted with the hips of Elvis and a smile stolen straight from the Cheshire cat, JC Brooks is the smooth talking, handsome, talented Winslow that got away. Classic and refined, yet, oddly uncouth. Bizarre dance moves executed with smooth precision and a wardrobe for days, JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound create an unforgettable blend of punk-rock funk [...]

OnTour Magazine | Interview & Show Review
Cameron McGill: local fortune hunter

Cameron McGill stands a full two heads taller than me (I'm a humble five foot seven, on a good day). He shakes my hand warmly, and catches me off guard with his cheery, approachable demeanor [...]

OnTour Magazine | Interview & Show Review
ZZ Ward: unequivocal songstress

ZZ Ward is the woman that makes a white t-shirt look sexy. Her voice, smooth and sultry as evening bourbon, leaves you with an insatiable craving for more. Effortless, lyrical, and delicious, ZZ Ward delivers. Plain and simple [...]

OnTour Magazine | Interview & Show Review
Sidewalk Chalk: in exclusive company

Staying true to my recent theme of relevancy, it's important to draw attention to an incredibly well polished group. With a ripened freshness that can be attributed to stellar collaborations, Sidewalk Chalk creates a uniquely blended and beautifully splattered portrait atop a spotlessly perfect canvas [...]

OnTour Magazine | Curious Minds
Curious Minds Chicago: John Kopanski

Perfection is in the eye of the beholder. Thankfully, John Kopanski's vision of such perfection is staggering [...]