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Coco is a creative writer who often dabbles in feature content writing. In addition to working as an editor at Guardian Llife Magazine and The Luxe Digest, she has written content for a number of prominent sites such as 360Nobs, and OmogeMuRa. When she's pretending to have writers' block, Coco likes to spend her time binging on chocolate cake and Ribena, and watching 90s cartoons marathons.

A Few Notes Before You Start Saving - FINT - Medium

Let's cut right to the chase. Millions of people across the country have exactly zero nairas saved for an emergency. Many are living paycheck to paycheck, and most are just managing to scrape by. This is one of those situations where you don't want to be a part of the majority.

Review: Nkoyo Really Hits the Right Notes

The earthy décor won me over as soon as I stepped through the door. A lot of restaurants tend to go overboard with the African theme, but not Nkoyo. There are artworks and the African carvings, but they had the good taste to leave out the Ankara prints and cutlery.

Championing Art's Digitised Future

As the global art community continues to grow and welcome new artists, collectors, and curators, it is necessary to seek ways in which we can improve the experiences of all players in the market.

Maleek Berry: Nigerian Roots, Global Sound

From a "sweet boy" growing up in London to an international artist thrilling fans worldwide, Maleek Shoyebi, stage name Maleek Berry is at the frontlines of the movement to transform the Nigerian music industry one song at a time. As a producer, Maleek's sound was already distinguishable, and it's even more identifiable now that he [...]

Namibia's Safari Haven

In a bid to make areas like Kaokoland more tourism-friendly, Natural Selection, a conservation-driven tourism company, has partnered with the local communities and the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF), Africa’s foremost giraffe conservation organisation to develop and open Hoanib Valley Camp.

88 Nairobi

88 Nairobi, one of Nairobi's current development projects, is an impressive 44-floor, high-end, dedicated residential condominium, designed to five-star hotel standards.

Creating A Happy Workspace

It's important for a workspace to be happy, in order for it to be productive. According to Business News, studies have shown that employees who are very satisfied with their job are generally more productive, engaged and loyal to the companies they work for. Most people assume the easiest way to create and keep a [...]

Jumia Travel Blog
Travel Africa on a Budget - Jumia Travel Blog

Taking into consideration the public transportation system, the crowds, the buildings, and the overpriced hotels, Africa can be a pretty intimidating continent to travel to, especially on a budget. And, of course, the packages offered by tour companies can be a bit pricey. However, one shouldn't despair.

6 Smart Ways To Shop African Brands Online - Stylvo

When it comes to buying African brands, we very rarely think about going online to look for them. Save for the few that make an effort to be active on social media, there are a number of Afican brands many of us are oblivious of.

The Guardian Life Magazine
Presenting The Cointreau Creative Crew Campaign - #DreamDareCreate - The Guardian Life Magazine

Presenting The Cointreau Creative Crew Campaign - #DreamDareCreate The year is 1849; the place, Angers,France. It's still the early half of the 19th century and the demand for high quality liqueur is high. The brothers Edourd-Jean and Adolphe Cointreau, visionaries as they were, ventured into the business of distilling naturally flavored liqueur.

The Guardian Life Magazine
Spin. Set. Record: Global DJ Obi - The Guardian Life Magazine

On the 21 st of June, 2016, Obinna Levi Ajuonuma a.k.a DJ Obi announced he was going to break the Guinness World Record for Longest Marathon Club DJing. The previous record of 200 hours was set by Polish DJ Norbert Selmaj a.k.a Norberto Loco, at the Underground temple bar in Dublin, Ireland.

The Guardian Life Magazine
The Beauty and The Brains - The Guardian Life Magazine

Beauty is never really considered a serious subject in an open discussion, unless it is between those already deeply involved in the field. Speak even less of how it is considered as an industry in Nigeria. According to Franchise Help, the American beauty industry generated $56.2 billion in 2015.

The Guardian Life Magazine
Café Neo: A New World in Yaba - The Guardian Life Magazine

I've never been much of a coffee person, so the whole Café Neo hype has just been washing over me. I mean, I get it. Lagos is stressful, and we all have our coping mechanisms. Coffee just isn't my go-to habit.

The Guardian Life Magazine
Adekunle - A Heart of Gold - The Guardian Life Magazine

The best thing about being in this current generation is the fact that we have been given the privilege to witness creative talents and connect with them in more ways than we can imagine. The other great thing is that people aren't limiting themselves to only one form of creative expression and income generation.

The Guardian Life Magazine
The Prospects of Pokemon GO in Nigeria - The Guardian Life Magazine

The Prospects of Pokemon GO in Nigeria We're all excited about getting to play Pokemon all over again. So much memroies, so much fun. Still, we have to take a second to think about what exactly the prospects of this augmented reality game are in Nigeria.

7 South African Male Influencers Who Inspire Our Style Cravings - Stylvo

For these 7 South African Male Influencers, fashion is no joke. Each of them has found a way to express their personal style that keeps them standing out and in our style cravings list. Siyabonga Beyile, founder of is a style fave because he makes 'classy' look simple and effortless.

RADR Spotlight February 2016

The February Special Feature with a collection of 5 fascinating Valentine Editorials of 2016 by Nigeria top and upcoming creative artists. | Title: RADR Spotlight February 2016, Author: RADR Online, Name: radr_spotlight_february_2016, Length: 62 pages, Published: 2016-02-19T00:00:00.000Z

The Deal with Wedge Sneakers

We're here because of the new trend made famous by French designer Isabel Marant; Wedge Sneakers, or trainers if you will. This trend is currently at the point where it's not quite mainstream yet, but is pretty close to hitting.

#np - Beneath

The ballroom is decked in blue and gold garlands. Thick velvet blue curtains are parted by gold holders to let light in from the tall windows that line the far wall of the oval room. The cream, marble floor glitters beneath excitable feet prancing and sliding across the room, with reflections from the lights hanging low from the ceiling.

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