Clark Hogan-Taylor

Copywriter/editor, editorial manager, B2B marketer

United Kingdom

I specialise in turning dry and complicated topics into easily consumable and compelling content.
I can also spruce up and repurpose your existing content and advise on distribution and channel strategy.



Three things smarter businesses do differently

Digital transformation is happening now and it affects everyone - your business, your staff, your competitors and, crucially, your customers. But there is no ‘right way’ to tackle it that works for everyone, nor is it a one-off project – you must continually evolve and embrace the change that aligns to your business needs. That’s one reason we’ve heard, and continue to hear, so much about it.

People-Based Marketing, Everywhere

"Marketing is all about people," say PowerPoint slides everywhere. But it's true: They're who we want to persuade, coax, cajole, entice and delight. But hitti...


Acxiom UK
Inside Heathrow's Incredible Customer Experience Operation

Achieving customer experience success in complex environments such as Heathrow Airport is a challenge. Yet with the right operations in place and with the right data, it's possible to turn anonymous travellers into happy customers. This case study explores how to successfully deliver a single customer view and personalised customer experience - at scale.

DaaS: The Business Case for Contact Data Verification

Consumer expectations are higher than ever before, which means customer experience is where your competitive edge lives or dies-but your own data could be working against you. When your contact data isn't clean, accurate, and dependable, the effects are far-reaching.

Web Copy and Articles

Wesleyan Careers | Financial Services Jobs

Search and browse all job vacancies at Wesleyan and find your future career. We encourage our employees to strike the right work-life balance and we offer a range of great benefits tailored to their needs.

Four back-pocket tips for moving voice to the cloud - Gamma

In IT-led digital transformation, we tend to talk and think about the technology itself more than anything else - and for obvious reasons. But there's more to hosted voice than technological change. The flip side of the tech - the side that often gets lost - is the question of how to bring people with you.

Velocity Partners
Why every writer should try B2B copywriting - Velocity Partners

When people ask about our professions, for some reason we not only tend to answer but answer truthfully. If you're a writer, these encounters can feel a bit thorny. Your profession is also an essential everyday activity; an activity this other person also carries out.

LinkedIn Pulse
Take Up Jousting Next Tuesday

Ages ago, before technology, skills and disciplines that were different from each other usually stayed that way. Cobbling wasn't relevant to copywriting and jousting wasn't useful to accountants. But technology has a habit of fusing previously discrete disciplines: cooking presenting television programmes; driving presenting television programmes; window cleaning abseiling; marketing and data science.

London Motor Museum

The 1989 Batmobile was a central character in Tim Burton’s dark and brooding exposition of DC Comics’ nocturnal hero. One lucky winner will be driven round a 2.2-mile circuit in the passenger seat of one of the four original Batmobiles built for the film. The machine guns and afterburner may have been removed, but the imposing 22-foot vehicle is still powered by a 5.7 litre Chevrolet engine that develops 380 bhp, meaning it’s sure to look and sound suitably Gothic when prowling through the...


Microsite: Go For Growth 16

The ultimate 2016 starter pack. Complete with audio, slides and timestamps for when you want to fast-forward to your favourite speaker. Perfect if you want a quick overview. Any articles or publications cited by the speakers are also included as part of the story.