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I'm a born and bred New Orleanian with a passion for food, live music, and writing. I currently work as Managing Editor at a tech start-up in New York City. I write about all things health and fitness, as well as tech, food, and travel.


Health and Fitness

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The Noom Guide to Healthy Breakfasts + Breakfast Recipes for a Week

We've all heard the adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and there's a reason the saying has stuck around. Eating a healthy breakfast is a great way to start your day, kickstart your metabolism, and boost your energy. Studies have shown that breakfast eaters are all-around...

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8 ways to avoid holiday weight gain

It's that festive time of year when every weekend consists of holiday celebrations complete with finger foods, cocktails, and sugary treats. Unfortunately, maintaining weight loss success during this cheery season seems about as likely as an elderly man shimmying down a chimney. The good news is...

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4 Ways to Outsmart Your Sweet Tooth

Picture this: You're at the office diligently working on a project when suddenly you can't get your mind off of a warm chocolate cookie. You try to concentrate and rid your head of those pesky thoughts but somehow that cookie keeps creeping back in, leaving you unable to focus on anything but...

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The real reason diets fail

In 2014, the weight loss industry raked in a giant $64 billion. While the growth of the industry is finally starting to stagnate with weak sales and retention rates, Americans are still influenced by a culture of "dieting." By some estimates, 80% of people who have lost weight regain all of the...

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Should you be eating organic?

Consumer demand for organic products has grown by double digits every year since the 1990s and a recent survey by Consumer Reports found that 84% of American consumers purchase organic foods. Far from being products reserved for health food stores, organic products can be found almost anywhere...

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This Is Why 80% of 10-Year-Old Girls Are Dieting

A new study has found that 80% of 10-year-old girls have been on a diet and 50% want "thinner bodies." This is terrifying news -- but not completely unexpected. There were a staggering 108 million people on a diet in the United States in 2012, and in 2013 the U.S.

Tech and mHealth

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The reason existing obesity treatment programs consistently fall short

Obesity is a monstrous health problem -- it is estimated that as many as 18 percent of all American deaths between 1986 and 2006 were a result of obesity, with anywhere between 112,000 and 300,000 Americans dying from obesity or obesity-related illnesses each year. Many attempts have been made...

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5 ways technology will revolutionize health coaching

At their very foundation, many pre-chronic and chronic diseases are lifestyle issues that can only be reversed by changing behaviors. Trying to modify an ingrained behavior, though, is extraordinarily hard and doing it alone is near impossible. Coaches play a crucial role in the behavior change process by keeping clients accountable while also encouraging them to continue when they most feel like quitting.

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The top 5 tech trends that will shape 2016

Health care costs are growing at an unsustainable rate, due in part to the enormous cost of chronic disease, which now accounts for 86 percent of the nation's health care costs. Around 50 percent of all adults in the United States have one or more chronic health conditions, with numbers...

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The alarming rise of prediabetes and what you can do about it [Part 1]

In a 2007 study published by the American Diabetes Association, authors Judith Fradkin and Griffin P. Rodgers warned of the growing cost of diabetes and the economic burden it would inflict upon the U.S. The report reads: The new data presented in this issue estimating the 2007 economic cost of...

Food, drink, and travel
Tipitina's: Where Locals Go to Get Down

Few music venues are created for one particular artist but in 1977, local New Orleans music enthusiasts established Tipitina's as a haven where Henry Roeland Byrd, better known as Professor Longhair or 'Fess,' could play in his final years.
New Orleans' Best Late Night Eats

New Orleans is a round-the-clock city where the party doesn't start until midnight and the bars don't close until the last patron leaves. After a long night downing Hurricanes on Bourbon, sipping cocktails uptown, or getting funky at your neighborhood dive in the Marigny, what's better than some late night grub?
New Orleans' best wine bars

In a city known for ' Huge Ass Beers', hand-grenades and hurricanes, sometimes it's nice to take a break from the Bourbon Street sugar high and enjoy a finely curated glass of wine. Enter New Orleans' (semi) new and flourishing wine scene.
F&M Patio Bar Review

A favorite spot of late night revelers, this New Orleans hole-in-the-wall has been drawing a crowd practically since the time of Louis Armstrong.

5 Best Parks in Istanbul - Yabangee

By Clare Lanaux Living in a large metropolis like Istanbul comes with many perks - a celebrated nightlife, cultural attractions and the ability to get any sort of amenity at all hours of the day (thank god for Yemeksepeti). But, sometimes the city can feel like a concrete jungle.

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