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I am an online writer specialising in all things travel and student related.
In the past I have written reviews on ballet, albums, gigs, beauty products, cosmetics, comedy, plays, poetry readings, and articles on travel, education, mental health, student topics, every day lifestyle, and IT contracting.

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Aspiring journalists desire exposure, crave outlets for their work, and more than anything else are on the look out for the current stories, and the jobs that lead to such stories. Breaking into journalism is not, nor do I think has ever been an easy thing to do, but with determination, passion...

Travelling after university…finding yourself or just the cheapest bars?

  We have turned into a nation of travellers, as in those who like to fly, take euro-trail, or hitch to different countries. With a wealth of airlines, promising to provide flight prices as small as the aeroplane seats it isn’t surprising that so many 18 plus-year-olds opt to take a ‘gap yarrr’ to find the answers to all of life’s big questions. ‘So what is the problem?’ I hear you all question. Personally, there is no problem. I am in favour of the gap year, the travelling, the exploration...

LADS holiday versus the ladies retreat

  With the launch of The Inbetweeners: The Movie this summer along with a soaring number of A-level passers and high school leavers, the number of LAD or LADy holidays rocketed. Hot spots including the likes of Ibiza, Kavos, Zante, Malia and Magaluf were all on the receiving end of a gaggle of exam-free youngsters searching for a cheap drink and spot on the beach in the sun.  But this begs the question, are guy and girl holidays really worth the money? Or are they just an expensive and...

Matthew Bourne’s Nutcracker!, Ballet Review. Liverpool Empire Theatre.

With the festive season well and truly over, Nutcracker! is the perfect Ballet to blow all those January blues away. A typically Christmas tradition, the classical Nutcracker is often the primary ballet that you’ll take your family or friends to see. Bourne’s Nutcracker! is no different; with elements of brilliance that will thrill Mum, children, even sceptical Dad's alike. From the opening steps to the concluding bows of appreciation, Nutcracker! was faultless. The believable connection...

‘Is Journalism dying out?’

The 24th March bookmarked the first day of my very own Guardian Open Weekend experience. Kick starting a weekend of inspired debates was 'Writing with the left hand?', a title which sparked a great deal of debate as to what the talk would entail; suggestions by fellow editors humorously included an image of us sat there trying to write with our left hands (I am left handed so this would have been hilarious for me to witness). However what this talk was really about was something far more at...

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To hell with the debt, education is worth it

When I was asked whether my degree was worth the debt it got me into, I replied “Yes...I’d never change my university experience; it was the best years of my life”.Living away from home for three yea

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