Clara Howell

Pacific University Student

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I am a junior at Pacific University. I am a journalism major and a creative writing and photography double minor. I also currently work as a Communications Assistant for Alumni Relations and I am a Student Writer for Pacific Magazine Online and our school's website. As an aspiring journalist, I have written for the Pacific Magazine, Pacific University's website, The Pacific Index, The Forest Grove News Times and The Hillsboro Tribune. Last summer (June 2015) I got my first internship for Pamplin Media where I wrote for both the Forest Grove News Times and the Hillsboro Tribune. I absolutely loved it and now I would like to further my experience as a reporter, writer and photographer.

Pacific magazine
Love to Teach

Dave Furman MAT '06 and Jessica Richter-Furman MAT '06 traveled down different roads. But their paths intersected when they sought their graduate teaching degrees at Pacific University. "Pacific has a fantastic reputation in the teaching world, especially in the western Washington County," Richter-Furman said. "They prepare their graduates well for surviving in education."

Shelter Dogs Help MFA Alumna Overcome Eating Disorder

When Shannon Kopp MFA '15 hit rock bottom in her struggle with bulimia, it took more than rehab, family or her own strength to find the path to recovery. It also took dogs. Through two years in the Pacific University Master of Fine Arts in Writing Program, Kopp developed a memoir about her journey to recovery, and the role that shelter dogs played in her healing.

'I Was Lucky to be Alive' | Pacific Magazine

Summer Kozai '04 embraces life after losing limbs in near-death bout with bacterial meningitis. Clara Howell (2017) Summer Kozai slides her arm into a plastic cuff to brush her hair. She uses another bracelet-like cuff to brush her teeth. If she chooses easy-to-don clothes, her morning is starting out strong.

Forest Grove News Times
Concours D' Elegance

Milwaukie resident Doug Naef and his girlfriend will bring 1956 model to Forest Grove show

Alumna Shares Hula at Homecoming

Her hand tapped the microphone as she began to speak about the importance of hula to a culture where it is not commonly practiced. Her voice sang the words of her hula expressions, and her movements suggested the beauty that followed.

Wilber Ramirez-Rodriguez '10 Gives Back with Dental Care

Abscesses line the gums. Oral infection is prevalent. For workers in Washington County's vineyards, dental care is rare. That's why Pacific University's Smile Care Everywhere program collaborates with businesses, volunteers, hospitals and the university to provide care to as many as it can.

Producing an Emmy

It highlights mystery writer Dashiell Hammettʻs talents. It animates the life of painter Norman Rockwell. It peeks through the strings of Billie Jean Kingʻs tennis racket. The PBS series, American Masters, goes deep as it profiles individuals who have left an impression on American culture and society.

Improv Troupe brings laughter, respite for students

Imagine seeing a classmate pretend to be a criminal on the run or the Student Body President pretend to be a six-year-old or a fellow Resident Assistant take part in a scenario about giving birth. Pacific University's improv group prepares shows for this reason: to have the student body come watch, laugh and participate in improvisational games.

ELC gives unique student opportunity

One brisk morning, two children held their parent's hand on their way to the Early Learning Community, ELC, located in the basement of Berglund Hall at Pacific University. A college student passed the family as the youngest child waved hello. The two students exchanged smiles.

Hillsboro Tribune
Hillsboro hero

Jordyn Valdez grateful for medal from Children’s Cancer Association

Forest Grove News Times and Hillsboro Tribune (ran in both)
Second chance at independence

Cornelius resident Erin Schneider, who was paralyzed in a 2011 crash, gets a retrofitted van

Forest Grove News Times
Camp Chica

Summer camp for low-income Latinas opens them to art, culture, health, nature and more