Claire Kendrick

Marketing Consultant and copywriter

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Award winning marketing consultant and copywriter. Experience in charity, media, professional services, leisure, retail, publishing, healthcare and agency.

Obsessed with interior design and flapjack.

Social media: the best and worst of humanity

There is no doubt that social media lends itself to negative behaviour. The inadvertent anonymity it offers makes it ripe for abuse from spineless, cowardly bullies. Its advent represented a revolution for stalkers. Imagine how they must have rejoiced when they realised they could now invade their prey's personal space from the comfort of their own (smelly, dark, closed-curtained?)

Is Black Friday the final nail in the coffin for British Retail?

We Brits are suckers for an American trend. Halloween, tooth whitening, childhood obesity - where America treads, the UK is usually not too far behind...forming an orderly queue of course. Black Friday is yet another US-lead initiative that has wormed its way into our national consciousness.

Have Yourself a Digitally Enhanced Christmas

As a child I distinctly remember feeling utterly bewildered when my mum inferred that she didn't really like Christmas. I was totally incredulous. Beautiful decorations, a manic sense of excitement, loads of yummy food, (illicit) chocolate for breakfast and piles of presents...what's not to like about that combination?

MADE.COM: a case study in clicks and mortar success

Here at RumbleChat we unashamedly love a bit of #houseporn. So when the first of our clan mentioned their visit to the fabulous state-of-the-art MADE.COM showroom in Soho, the rest of us were compelled to follow, lemming-like, to gaze in wonder at this experiential interiors delight.

Bessie the Bus: the new star of retailer innovation

I love a bit of retailer innovation. So imagine my delight when I nipped into town for a few (boring) essentials this morning, and found myself face-to-face (or should that be face-to-bonnet?) with the fabulous Bessie the Bus. For those of you unfamiliar with Bessie, she is Oasis' new mobile shop.

Tips for future-proofing your content marketing

I don't know about you, but it's taken me a while to find my 2015 stride. I mean, it's hard to believe that we've finally reached the year that Marty Fly visited in Back to the Future II.

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