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Claire Soh

MA English and American Literature Student at New York University

Location icon United States

Recent graduate in English Language and Literature from University of Oxford (The Queen's College). I'm now reading for an MA in English and American Literature at New York University.

I write mainly about Singaporean and Asian literature and culture, music, and education. At Oxford, I held positions in the The ISIS Magazine, Phaser, and Common Ground Journal, and edited the Oxford Review of Books in Hilary Term 2019.

The Isis Magazine
[Not-So] Subtle Asian Traits

"A 2am Facebook notification was the gateway to hours scrolling away and lecture slots suppressing my laughter. My cousin, a student at Tufts University across the Atlantic, had added me to a Facebook group I'd never even heard of: subtle asian traits. "subtle asian traits" is anything but subtle." An essay on the rise of Facebook meme group subtle asian traits, and its failure to provide an inclusive social space for the global Asian diaspora.

Sine Theta Magazine

An essay for Sine Theta Magazine [print] about xinyao 新谣 music, a folk genre unique to Singapore.

Oxford Review of Books
Movers, Shakers & Shirkers

A review of Sandi Tan's 2018 documentary, Shirkers. I was also one of the four editors overseeing this issue.

(Glee)ful Music

A personal essay paying homage to the music of the FOX TV show, Glee, which ran from 2009 to 2015.

Review: the soundtrack to 'Crazy Rich Asians'

A review of the soundtrack to 2018 romantic comedy Crazy Rich Asians, highlighting the strength of the Asian talent featured, and inclusion of 1920s and 30s Shanghainese jazz music.

Common Ground Journal
'Language is the only homeland'

An academic essay on Singapore's creole, Singlish, detailing its origins, technical features, and relationship to Singapore's national languages in a postcolonial context.

The Isis Magazine
Can Speak Singlish?

A personal essay on Singapore's creole, Singlish, detailing both its origins and technical features and the significance it has had in my life, especially at a foreign university.

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