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Writer and editor with 20 years' experience in UK and international journalism, including five years with The Guardian and more than a decade with Agence France Presse (AFP), currently working as a senior editor with the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Uganda's refugee farmers sow seeds of change

In Uganda, a developing country where land is still relatively plentiful, refugees are encouraged to build their own houses and use their gardens to grow food to supplement their rations By Claire Cozens BIDI BIDI, Uganda, Dec 16 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - One of the few possessions refugee Emily Bronte carried with him when he fled war in South Sudan for Uganda was a battered copy of an aid agency booklet on how to run a farming cooperative.

Modi battles for hearts and minds in India's holy city

Varanasi boat owner Prabhu Sahani backed Narendra Modi as his MP in the 2014 general election. "He doesn't understand Varanasi," complained Sahani, 34, whose boats ferry tourists and pilgrims along the holy river. Modi's decision to stand in the sacred Hindu city in Uttar Pradesh

Mail Online
Thousands of Rohingya stranded in no man's land

For three weeks Dil Mohammad and his family have been stranded on a thin sliver of land between Bangladesh and their native Myanmar with thousands of other Rohingya, after running for their lives when their village was torched.

India's Silicon Valley faces man-made water crisis

March 17, 2018 by Claire Cozens Every day more than 1,000 water tankers rumble past Nagraj's small plywood store in Bangalore, throwing up clouds of dust as they rush their valuable cargo to homes and offices in India's drought-stricken tech hub.

Newsweek Pakistan
Gang Rape Horrors Haunt Rohingya Refugees

Sep 25 2017 By AFP U.N. observers say scores of rape and gang rape survivors have identified their attackers as members of Myanmar military Shamila clutches her daughter's hand so tightly it turns white as she recounts how soldiers broke into her home in Myanmar and gang-raped her in front of her children-a story heard over and over in Bangladesh refugee camps.

Facebook sleuths bring home India's stolen idols

Venkatraman is part of a group of art enthusiasts known as the India Pride Project (IPP) who are using Facebook and other social media to identify religious artefacts stolen from temples around the country and secure their return. Art theft is big business all over India.

In India's isolated northeast, time for a change

GUWAHATI (India), June 20 - By the time the working day begins in northeast India on the longest day of the year, the sun is already high in the sky and the heat is nearing its peak - because clocks across the vast country are set to the same

New Nepal constitution leaves revolution 'unfinished'

Former Maoist guerrilla Sukh Bahadur Roka Magar spent his youth fighting for greater equality in his native Nepal, a goal he had hoped to see enshrined in a new constitution that was voted into law this week.

Khmer Times
No Relief For Nepal Quake Victims As $4.1bn Fund In Limbo - Khmer Times

KATHMANDU, Sept 25 (AFP) - Hundreds of thousands of quake victims in Nepal are unable to start rebuilding their homes as winter approaches because a $4.1 billion reconstruction fund cannot be spent until lawmakers pass a long-delayed bill - to the frustration of international donors.

India's fast-growing cities face water crisis

Ranbir Singh still remembers when the wells in his village on New Delhi's southwestern edge were filled with sweet-tasting water and livestock drank from the small ponds that dotted the area.

Dalai Lama marks Nobel anniversary as Western support wanes

Dharamsala (India) (AFP) - As the Dalai Lama marked his 25th year as a Nobel laureate this week, a row over South Africa's failure to grant him a visa underscored the huge challenge facing the movement he launched more than half a century ago.

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