Claire Flanagan

Junior Producer at The Studio @XO

Location icon Afghanistan

Copy writer and digital marketing coordinator for, and
Previously an editorial assistant and writer at each of Providence Media's four magazines, with a monthly shopping column, a weekly movie review and other weekly online articles.
Lover of films, photography, cooking (and more importantly, eating), and fashion.
Fluent in Spanish and French.

Here's How to Upgrade At-Home Date Nights

You don't need to leave the house to make date night with your soon-to-be spouse romantic. In fact, staying in just the two of you is way more intimate. But before you slide into your trusty sweats and plop down on the couch, remember that the night will only be as special as you make it.
Adorable Mini Pies for Your Cutest Dessert Ever

Everybody loves pie. Make this dessert favorite even cuter with these recipes for mini hand pies! My, oh my, who doesn't love some pie? And making them is just as fun as it is to eat them!
Brighten Up Brunch With These Healthy Dishes

Danny Seo's new cookbook is full of vibrant, healthy meals. Bring some of that wholesomeness to your next brunch gathering with these exquisite and good-for-you meals. Obviously, one of the best things about the weekend is kicking back with friends and filling your belly with some delicious brunch.
Shop Deborah Lloyd's Favorites Sale on Chairish Now!

The president and chief creative officer of kate spade new york curates a fabulous collection of her favorite pieces inspired by her love of entertaining. Feel like there's a room in your home that's missing a little extra... something? Well luckily you have an awesome opportunity to inject it with some SERIOUS style.
How to Style a Chic Bar Cart

Nothing adds a classy flair to a room quite like a beautifully styled (and well-stocked!) bar cart. The center of any party is almost always the bar. So why not make yours as stylish and totally "you" as possible?
5 Decadent Southern Desserts

The perfect way to end any evening is, of course, by satisfying your sweet tooth with a little dessert (okay, or A LOT of dessert). And if there's any kind of cuisine that's famous for comforting, decadent dishes, it's Southern cooking.
Super Snacks You Can Whip Up in Minutes

A renowned yoga instructor, nutrition expert, and TV personality shares yummy recipes that are packed with super healthy ingredients and can be made in under 20 minutes. When you're starting to feel that 2:00 PM drowsiness kick in, don't reach for some quick vending machine fare.
Globally-Inspired Vegetarian Dishes

One food writer's world travels helped her discover not only an amazing universe of exciting recipes, ingredients, meals and flavors, but that some of the most exquisitely flavorful dishes are actually meat-free. For some, the idea of eating meat-free may seem daunting (who can resist a juicy cheeseburger?), but it turns out you may not miss out on all that much by focusing more on plant-based meals.
Yummy Polish Dumplings to Warm Your Table This Fall

As the weather cools down, warm your kitchen and your belly with some homemade dumplings - both savory and sweet. There's nothing quite like a piping hot and gooey dumpling melting in your mouth on a cool evening.
4 Blissful and Cleansing Soups

Get your fill of blended veggies and spices with these delightful warm-weather soups. Forget juice cleanses - the soup cleanse is where it's at. A soup cleanse is a health detox created by Elina Fuhrman, CNN journalist and the founder of Soupelina, after she was diagnosed with breast cancer and turned to organic food to help herself heal.
Classic Southern Dishes to Warm Your Table

We've gathered some traditional (and easy to make!) Southern light meals, main dishes, and desserts that you'll definitely want to try for yourself. Bring classic flavors of the South into your kitchen with the help of Mississippi-raised chef Brad McDonald's new cookbook, Deep South: New Southern Cooking.
Summery Jams You Can Make at Home

In her new cookbook, a renowned London-based jam-maker shares her recipes and techniques for beautiful and unusually-flavored jams. Create a beautiful seasonal breakfast spread (using your own homemade spreads!) with some of her jam recipes that seize on some of the best flavors of summertime.
Dishes To Make Over an Open Flame at Your Next Outdoor Gathering

Take your usual camping menu to the next level or mix it up at your next fireside get-together by serving dishes made over a campfire. There's nothing quite like spending a warm late spring or summer evening with friends and family gathered around a crackling outdoor fire.
5 Burgers for Your Next BBQ

George Motz's The Great American Burger Book takes you on a road trip of the United States focusing on one of its favorite culinary achievements: the hamburger. One of the greatest things about making burgers is the ability to play with flavors and make amazing variations.

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