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Young art writer with a passion for the international art market and fashion. I also have an unconditional love for food.
Currently seeking job opportunities and willing to relocate anywhere that has a mouthwatering food scene.



A Top Night for Sotheby's #TTTOP Sale With Multiple Auction Records | Artinfo

The Sotheby's Hong Kong "#TTTOP" sale, guest-curated by K-pop superstar T.O.P (aka Choi Seung-hyun), was not only a sensation in the auction room, but also on Instagram. In a bid to lure a younger generation into art and art collecting, Sotheby's joined forces with singer T.O.P from the South Korean boy band Big Bang.

Interview: Tsang Kin-Wah Expresses His New Pessimistic Outlook on Life in...

Hong Kong artist Tsang Kin-Wah takes us through another journey of self-reflection by re-evaluating his thoughts on life in " Nothing," which is at the M+ Pavilion until November 6. This new immersive installation is a response to his previous presentation, "The Infinite Nothing," at the Venice Biennale in 2015.

In the Mood for Qipao: 6 Ways Shanghai Tang Modernized the Iconic Dress | Artinfo

Chinese luxury lifestyle brand Shanghai Tang has recently released a limited edition coffee table book published by Assouline. It reveals approximately two decades of the brand's creativity and its profound Chinese cultural influences. "Shanghai Tang: Nostalgia to Modern Chinese Chic" is a feast for the eyes, with vibrant photography featuring images of Chinese celebrities and supermodels including actress Gong Li, and supermodels Du Juan and Liu Wen.

6 Things You Need to Know About the Dansaekhwa Movement | Artinfo

Korea seems to be on everyone's mind, especially art collectors and dealers. The Korean art market is undeniably gaining momentum, having become the 10th largest in the world, according to International buyers at auction are helping artists from the Dansaekhwa movement achieve increasingly high prices for their works.

Fashion - TheArtGorgeous

What Happened in Art, Fashion, Pop Culture

Happy Halloween TAGers! Although some of us are still reminiscing on Halloweekend on Saturday and our successful make up skills! Yet, in this Hong Kong humidity, black eyeliner highlighting a creepy smile or white paint enhancing a ghostly appearance slowly faded or turned into gunge by the end of the night whilst surviving the crowds and excess body heat in bars and nightclubs.

What Happened in Art, Fashion, Pop Culture | TheArtGorgeous

Time sure does fly. We are already the 3rd October and 12 weekends away from Christmas - just to put that into perspective! Yet to ease this transition, Carrie Bradshaw actress, Sarah Jessica Parker answers our prayers by launching her own line of dresses this month.

10 Art-Themed GIFs Contemporary Girls Can Relate To | TheArtGorgeous

Renaissance painters and Modern Masters are probably rolling in their graves at the sight of their masterpieces being altered and parodied into humorous GIFs. Yet, these animated images can be a useful tool to help understand art history as well as the paintings' untold stories.

5 Unstoppable Art It-Women Over 70 Who Never Go Out Style | TheArtGorgeous

Age is really nothing but a number. These five women listed below, have only gotten better with age, continuously surprising and inspiring us. For decades, they have had a significant impact on the art world, altering its evolution and making their mark in art history indefinitely.

Art Collecting - Larry’s List

Larry’s Little Black Book: Collect With Etiquette

As the prosperous, the celebrities and art world professionals alike gathered to Miami for its art-event packed week, people splurged and we noticed. To be a collector in this competitive art world environment, especially at art fairs such as this one in Art Basel Miami Beach - or any of its satellite events - requires one to be ruthless in hunting for art pieces.

What If Your Favourite Art Collectors Did Airbnb?

Airbnb has become an increasingly popular way for vacationers to “find, list and rent somewhere to lodge” around the globe. Whether it be for a city break or week-long stays in either a castle on an igloo, you’re bound to find a friendly host to share a space with. But what if famed art collectors listed their luxurious houses on Airbnb?

Top 50 Art Collector Instagrams Part I

Instagram is rocking the art market, probably becoming the most important social media platform in the art world. At the beginning of this month, news websites have once again commented on the undeniable commercial potential Instagram has for auction houses and galleries, as it facilitates international access for art buyers to available and fascinating works.

Top 50 Art Collector Instagrams Part II

The wait is over! Following the success of Larry's List's Top 50 Art Collector Instagrams Part I, we continue our stroll among art collectors' popular and most intriguing accounts from the app. We present our second part of our most comprehensive and diverting profile list to feed your arty procrastinations.

Hipster Collector Hix: partying with the YBAs

Apparently, partying in Shoreditch back in the 1990s could get you more than just a hangover. For example, if you were a skilled chef partying with hungry artists and exchanging food for art, it could get you an art collection. Mark Hix, the celebrated British chef has an advantage that sets him apart from other art collectors.

When Art Collecting Gets Personal

News just in... James Chau, Special Contributor at China Central Television's CCTV is an art collector of more than a decade. The 37 year old has a distinctive art collection that combines precious objects and artworks found on his extraordinary travels as a news correspondent.

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