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A diverse group of concerned U.S. citizens discussing politics, elections, healthcare, environment, civil and individual rights, and other topics. Our readers are aware that legislators are not acting on behalf of voters, but on behalf of corporations.

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SCOTUS Affirms Women's Right to Abortion | C2C Alert

SCOTUS, minus deceased, ultra-conservative Justice Anton Scalia, in a 5-3 landmark decision has come down on the side of protecting women's right to abortion. They declared that the onerous and overreaching 2013 Texas law SB3 was unconstitutional because it forced abortion clinics and their doctors to meet unnecessary and absurd strict equipment and staffing standards of ambulatory surgical centers insisting that the doctors at the clinics have admitting privileges at nearby local hospitals.

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Guns, Guns, and More Guns vs Public Safety | C2C Alert

HERE'S THE QUESTION: Would you feel threatened if you (either alone or accompanied by your children or others), walked on the street, or went into a movie, a bar, an athletic event, a department store, grocery store or any other commercial establishment - and someone walked in and stood next to you with an AR-15 military type assault weapon with a high-capacity magazine slung over his/her shoulder?

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Don't Vote For Donald Trump | Ryan Holiday | C2C Alert

NOTE: The following was published on and is reposted here with the permission of the author, Ryan Holiday. I originally submitted this piece to the New York Observer where I am an editor-at-large and a columnist on media and culture. Editorial decided it would no longer accept columns of this nature on this topic.

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Disappointing 60 Minutes Interview of Trump & Pence | C2C Alert

On Sunday, the 17th of July, Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes undertook the first interview of Donald Trump and his newly chosen Vice Presidential running mate, Mike Pence, on the eve of the first day of the Republican Convention. One could only wonder what stipulations were placed on 60 Minutes in order to secure the interview.

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Recap of the 2016 GOP Convention in Cleveland | C2C Alert

Remarkably, but not unexpectedly, the delegates and attendees were overwhelmingly white and disproportionately over 50 years of age. Of the 2472 delegates from across the country, 18 were African American, along with a handful of Asian Americans and one lonesome, visible Latino person holding a handwritten sign: "Latinos for Trump".

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Benghazi and the Email Mania Issue | C2C Alert

If Americans aren't sick and tired of the tax money being spent on the Benghazi and email investigations of Secretary Clinton, they should be. BENGHAZI: Over $7 million taxpayer dollars were spent by the "House Select Committee to Investigate Benghazi" in which 4 Americans tragically died.

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Paul Manafort, Donald Trump's Campaign Manager | C2C Alert

Paul Manafort is an American political consultant and lobbyist who worked on the campaigns of several American Republican Presidents in the 1980s and 1990s. His lucrative international side-line, however, was to surreptitiously advise foreign authoritarian leaders: Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines, Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire and Putin's chosen Ukrainian puppet presidential candidate, deposed President, Viktor Yanukovych, who is a fugitive from justice presently harbored in Russia.

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Flint Water Crisis: Current Status | Citizen to Citizen Alert

Background In 2014 the state-appointed Flint Emergency Manager selected by and directly responsible to Governor Snyder, switched the drinking water supply from Detroit's Lake Huron-based water system to water taken from the heavily polluted Flint River. To save money, the city employees failed to add an inexpensive anti-corrosive pipe additive to the heavily chlorinated new Flint River water supply.

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Trump: Putin is a Better Leader than Obama | C2C Alert

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump is a big admirer of Vladimir Putin, the autocrat head of the Russian government. Trump has repeatedly voiced his opinion that Putin is a better world leader than Obama. Here are the numerous connections that Trump has with Russia, Russians, and the supporters of Vladimir Putin in his campaign.

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