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Cindi Clinton

Health | Wellness | Fitness | Mindfulness | Gaming Writer

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Cindi Clinton is a full-time lifestyle writer for hire, specializing in health & wellness, fitness, mindfulness, and gaming. She has written on topics like CBD, herbal supplements, turmeric, essential oils, and more. She lives a natural life, free of prescription anything, and writes from that place of knowing. Hire her at

Grown Gaming
Firmament Has Planted its Flag on Kickstarter

727 Views BY CINDI CLINTON: Remember Myst, Riven, and Obduction? Okay, I didn't know about Obduction either, but I fondly remember the beautiful environments of Myst and Riven where my only job in life to was to wander, explore, and solve a few puzzles.

CBD For Life
How CBD May Help Women With Menopause Symptoms - CBD For Life

Some Common Menopause Symptoms Women over 50, who are dealing with menopausal issues and other signs of aging, are a growing segment of CBD users and there are good reasons why. Unsurprisingly, there hasn't been a lot of research on CBD's effects on women, much less menopausal women.

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