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Honours M.A. Graduate in English with over four years experience in all things digital, editorial and social media.



The City Series Toronto: Alexandra Orlando - SHOES.COM

The sun is out in Toronto city today, but it's super cold by our west coast standards - how are you jumping around in spandex? When I texted my mom a photo of our shoot, she replied saying 'typical Alex. Only you would be in a t-shirt in the middle of winter.'


10 great books to celebrate International Women's Day

This coming Sunday celebrates International Women's Day - a day to embrace the achievements of women around the world while still acknowledging that greater equality is still needed. Yesterday we took a look at our favourite female empowerment films, and today we've made a list of books, both fictional and academic, that will inspire and move you.

8 cult-classic beauty products for your make-up bag

When something is recommended again and again and again, it becomes something of a cult-classic product. That means, of course, that everyone needs to have them. Here are our favourite cult-classic beauty-products you need for your make-up bag. 1.

8 healthy reasons to exercise (apart from looking good!)

Exercise is all too often associated with losing weight and looking better. We all know that working out will help us tone up and look good naked, however, there are SO many other reasons to get active and so many other benefits regular exercise will have on your health.


MummyPages® is Ireland's biggest and best website for mums and mums-to-be!
Baby's first week essentials

When you come home from the hospital with your new baby it can seem surreal. You're exhausted, probably in some discomfort but still on cloud nine. To ensure the first week with your newborn goes smoothly and to make sure you don't have to leave the house (assuming you don't want to of course!),here is a checklist of some things you will definitely need.

MummyPages® is Ireland's biggest and best website for mums and mums-to-be!
Your baby and soothers

The pros and cons of soothers have long been debated by parents. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages that may help you decide if a soother is right for you and your baby. Since babies have strong sucking reflexes, soothers will stop them from sucking their thumbs, which may have dental effects later in childhood.

MummyPages® is Ireland's biggest and best website for mums and mums-to-be!
Toddlers and the bedtime struggle

Every parent will experience their child refusing to go to sleep or to bed at some stage or another. Often it happens suddenly, one week they are going to bed when you ask and sleeping until 7am, then one day it all changes.

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