Christopher Good

United States

Chicago-based writer and editor.

Artist of the Week: Ville Kallio

"It’s a libidinal death cult with a serious bureaucratic veneer. It’s like an ever-present background radiation of evil."

South Side Weekly
Footwork in the Foreground

“If you really try to distill this whole genre that now stretches around the world, what is the essence of it? It’s the dance.”

University of Chicago Magazine
Shades of Meaning

Twenty-nine years after his death, the work of Faber Birren, EX’23, still colors the world around us.

South Side Weekly
Deeon Does Deeon

There's something unusual about DJ Deeon's Friday night set at Pilsen's Fiesta del Sol: it's clean.

South Side Weekly
Speaking Truth to Power

For twenty-one years, Dr. Lyn Hughes has been making black labor history visible in Pullman.

UChicago News
Found in translation

A translator par excellence breaks down Tocqueville and textuality.

South Side Weekly
Dude Off 59th

"The production always has to change. For me, it changed without a thought. It just happened."

UChicago News
Alternative to the altar

Matthew Dean, director of operations at Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, has an interesting fact to share: the term a capella is Italian for "in the style of the chapel."

South Side Weekly
Out of Order: A Conversation with Jana Rush

From the day she got her first ghettoblaster while growing up in Chatham, Jana Rush––aka JARu––has always been connected to Chicago music.

South Side Weekly
The Past Keeps Happening

The first thing you notice about "A Willing Suspension of Disbelief" is the drone of church bells played back in reverse.

South Side Weekly
State of Nature

As the old cliché goes, artists must "find their voices." The rap duo Mother Nature, on the other hand, already know what they want to say.