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Wisdom beyond words - ROYAL REPORT

Two retired Bethel professors reflect on experiences of travel, teaching and reading murder mysteries. Jeannine Bohlmeyer and Lorraine Eitel sit side-by-side on the sofa in Jeannine's pristinely maintained apartment at Johanna Shores retirement home. Bohlymeyer stood on Snelling Ave. in 1958 as a parade passed by, celebrating Minnesota's 100th birthday.

All I Want For Christmas Is... - ROYAL REPORT

The childhood gift of my dreams that I never, ever needed. In December 2005 I found myself lost in a pile of catalogues - carefully circling in permanent marker the items I wanted for Christmas. As I flipped through the glossy pages of toys and gadgets, something troubled me, a deep longing that I couldn't replace with items from a catalogue.

A Year of BUILDing.

After completing the first year of Bethel's brand new BUILD program, students prepare for life back home. Christine Ramstad | Features Editor Scott Streble | Photographer Bethel students gather in a classroom and share their plans for the summer. They discuss their jobs, talk about their hometowns, family, friends and encourage each other when the...

Curtain Calling

Kathy Nevins leads her fellow cast mates in prayer and warm-ups before rehearsal begins in the black box theater for Bethel's fall production: God of Isaac by James Sherman. At age 66, the Bethel psychology professor of over 30 years is pursuing a B.A. in Theatre Arts, having performed in roughly 25 Bethel theater productions.

Barfing for Broadway - ROYAL REPORT

Embarrassing moments. My last meal was a chicken Caesar wrap. The curtain of Benson Great Hall opened for Bethel's production of Fiddler on the Roof at 7:30 p.m. At 7:34 p.m., I was dancing around singing "Tradition" and feeling more-than-onstage jitters in my stomach. However, I knew the show must go on.

From the Fields of War to the Field of Psychology

Christine Ramstad | Features Editor Steven Lancaster is a big deal in the PTSD research world. Psychology professor at Bethel and Iraq war veteran, his past has become part of his future. Lancaster's experiences in war provoked questions about the effects of traumatic events, but it wasn't because those experiences were traumatic for him personally.

Building a Future

Christine Ramstad | Features Editor It's not unheard of for colleges to offer classes for students with intellectual disabilities. This year, however, Bethel became the first accredited university to add the residential component as a part of what is called the BUILD program.

Isaac Holst: On the City Front lines - ROYAL REPORT

PROJECTBETHEL. Isaac Holst, a senior graduating with philosophy and theology degrees, talks about meeting Rodney outside a strip club. One night, Rodney stayed overnight at Bethel on a couch, had pizza and went to church before Holst dropped him back off on the streets.